‘Stranger Things’ Season 5 Predictions: Who Might Die in Final Season?

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We’re still a couple of years away from watching Stranger Things season 5 on Netflix, so there’ll be plenty of speculation and news in the build-up. Today, we will predict who might fall and die in the final season. 

If you want to catch up on all publicly known about the upcoming fifth season of Stranger Things, consult our big preview for the final season. We’ve got plenty more predictions in that article and more to come as the months tick by.

Without further ado, let’s get into it; here are our ten predictions for who might die in season 5 of Stranger Things:

1. Steve

Steve was once earmarked for death in the first season of Stranger Things before the Duffer Brothers changed their minds, and in the subsequent seasons became everyone’s favorite character and babysitter.

As the fan favorite, Steve is always at the top of the list of characters that could die and he nearly came close in season 4! Not only would the fan base be in absolute hysterics, and potential riots ensue, but if Steve is to die, we could see one of the most heroic and greatest character deaths in television history.

steve netflix stranger things

Picture: Netflix

2. Will

Will is ranked extremely high on this list because Vecna could still wield some influence over the boy and may possess him once more to make his fight with Eleven that much harder. There’s been plenty of evidence that Will is still connected to the Upside Down since his return to Hawkins.

It would be an extremely tragic end for a character that has already experienced so much trauma, but Will would gladly give his life if it means defeating Vecna.

3. Eleven

As the de facto main character of Stranger Things, many would presume that Eleven should be safe from death. However, to subvert expectation there is still a giant chance that in order to save the lives of her loved ones and saving the town of Hawkins may require the greatest sacrifice of them all, her life.

Between a fated fight with Vecna and potentially being the one to close the gates to the Upside Down for good, Eleven may have to go beyond her limits in order to save everyone.

when is season 4 volume 2 coming to netflix eleven

Picture: Netflix

4. Hopper

Hopper has come close to death on many occasions between being tortured, beaten, shot at, almost vaporized, and a one-on-one with a Demogorgon.

As the father figure of the series and one of the only competent adults, Hopper is constantly being thrown headfirst into danger and is not afraid to put himself in harm’s way to save the people he cares about.

Everyone will be in mortal danger in season 5, and if Hopper can sacrifice himself to save the likes of Eleven, Joyce, or any of the kids, you better believe he’ll do it.

5. Jonathan

Jonathan struggled for significant screen time in the fourth season of Stranger Things, but one of the most heartfelt moments is when he reassured his little brother, Will, that no matter what, he will always be there for him. There’s also the question surrounding his relationship status with Nancy, with the pair potentially falling out of love, but both struggle to admit their true feelings and move on.

Of all the young adults, aside from Steve, we can’t shake the feeling that he is the most expendable for a big death.

6. Murray

Murray has been one of the best additions to the cast since making his debut in season 2. As one of the series’s most helpful and resourceful characters, Murray is also incredibly brave and not afraid to throw himself into harm’s way to help the likes of Joyce and Hopper. It’ll be fun to see Murray interact with more of the cast in season 5, and if any bonds are formed, then Murray is ripe for being killed.

murray netflix stranger things

Picture: Netflix

7. Mike

Will declared Mike as the heart of the party and as the boyfriend of Eleven, it makes him a prime target for Vecna.

The death of Mike would galvanize the party over destroying their morale and could be the potential push over the edge Eleven would need to destroy Vecna.

8. Lucas

For what Vecna did to Max, Lucas has every reason to want revenge. While he isn’t much of a hot head, Lucas steps up when the moment comes to protect those he cares about. He won’t be the number one target Vecna, but his love for Max certainly puts him in harm’s way. To protect Max, his sister, or his friends, Lucas could be on the receiving end of Vecna’s wrath.

lucas netflix stranger things

Picture: Netflix

9. Joyce

Putting Joyce on this list was tough, but if the Duffer Brothers were prepared to subvert expectations, then Joyce is a prime candidate for death.

Like most of the adults in the series, you could expect Joyce to throw herself into the clutches of death if it means saving the lives of others, especially if it means saving her sons, Jonathan or Will.

joyce hopper netflix stranger things

Picture: Netflix

10. Robin

What places Robin on this list is the reluctance the Duffer Brothers have shown to kill off characters from the first season. Just because she’s a fan favorite doesn’t mean she is safe from being killed off, and with season 5 being the final season, not a single character is safe.

Who do you think will live or die by the end of Stranger Things season 5? Let us know in the comments.

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