‘The Chosen One’ Season 2 on Netflix: Renewal Status & What We Know So Far

Netflix has yet to renew 'The Chosen One' for a second season.

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Picture – Bobby Luhnow in The Chosen One – Image Comics / Millarworld Productions / Netflix

An exceptional end to the first season of The Chosen One has had the minds of Netflix subscribers spinning, us included. Many will be hoping to see a second season of The Chosen One on Netflix, however, we’re yet to see any news from the streaming service. For now, we’ll be keeping track of everything related to a potential second season of The Chosen One on Netflix.

The Chosen One is a Netflix Original live-action adaptation of Mark Millar’s comic book American Jesus, and not to be confused with the Brazilian Netflix series of the same name that ran for two seasons. The series is directed by Everardo Gout (The Forever Purge), who also produced the series alongside Leopoldo Gout and Stacy Perskie. Millarworld Productions, Redrum, and Image Comics are the production studios behind the series.

One of the biggest changes to the story of The Chosen One is moving the story from the USA to Mexico. The reason behind this change was stated by creator Mark Millar:

“Relocating American Jesus to Mexico makes the mythological much more authentic and the apocalyptic all the more real.”

The series stars Glee’s Dianna Argon, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever star Tenoch Huerta and newcomer Bobby Luhnow.

The Chosen One season 2 Netflix renewal status

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated: 18/08/2023)

At the time of writing, The Chosen One has yet to be renewed by Netflix for a second season. As the series has only just been released on Netflix we aren’t surprised that there hasn’t been any news.

Over the course of the next several weeks, Netflix will be monitoring The Chosen One’s performance. The best way to learn how well the series is performing is to keep an eye out for our weekly report on the top-performing movies and shows on Netflix. If The Chosen One performs well it will be showcased in the global top ten statistics that Netflix updates on a weekly basis.

Early signs that the series is off to a good start is cracking the U.S. top ten in eight position after only a couple of days.

For now, we’ll track the weekly data, and from there we can determine the likelihood that The Chosen One will be renewed.

Does the story need a second season?


After seemingly finding peace within himself, and accepting the responsibility for his powers, Jodi was able to resurrect Tuka. However, after leaving the town, Jodi finally meets Lilith, where she reveals that he is not the son of God and the second coming of Christ, but the son of Satan, making him the Anti-Christ. Instead of being repulsed by this revelation, Jodi reveals his true nature and smiles at the news.

We cut to several years later where Jodi is now the President of the United States of America, and is about to lead the U.S.A. into a devasting holy war.

Jodi’s true nature was hidden in Sarah’s flashbacks

All of the clues to Jodi’s heritage were shown in Sarah’s flashbacks as she remembered the moments when her son would use his powers. In particular, when he had control of his fellow students and teacher and was attempting to use them to burn down the classroom. We are led to believe he was only doing this to punish the teacher, however, it’s clear now that his evil nature was on display.

the chosen one bobby luhnow netflix season 2

Picture: Bobby Luhnow as Jodi in The Chosen One – Netflix

What was Sarah’s mission?

It was Sarah’s mission to keep Jodi hidden from the order of Christians that were attempting to track down the Anti-Christ. Second of all, it was her task to stop Jodi from using his powers, not just out of the fear of being caught and the attention it brings, but Jodi was supposed to wait until he was 13 before he would undergo his training. Had Sarah indulged Jodi and allowed him to use his powers from a young age he would have likely become a monster. This is why Sarah used medication to keep Jodi’s powers dormant.

the chosen one diana agron netflix season 2

Pictured: Dianna Agron (left) and Bobby Luhnow (right) – Netflix

Before her miraculous pregnancy, Sarah was visited by a fallen angel in her sleep. It’s here where she learns of her first mission;

“The Chosen One needs to be human first in order to become who he is meant to be.”

This means that if Jodi is to fulfill his destiny, Sarah would need to nurture the human side of him and keep his satanic side at bay. Despite her flawed methods Sarah achieved her mission, however, it’s also thanks to Jodi’s relationship with his friends that stopped his corruption after discovering his powers.

Is there a second coming of Christ?

There are already heavy hints of the existence of the real second coming of Christ.

From what we learned it appeared that Lemuel’s task was to find the existence of both the second coming of Christ and the Anti-Christ. We know that Lemuel had mentioned a girl he had spoken to, and he even received a note that he had written from across the world by the newly resurrected Tuka, which had been left behind by Jodi. During his debriefing with the unnamed organization he belongs to, we learn that his contact with Jodi threatened to reveal the existence of “the girl” who is most likely the real second coming of Christ.

the chosen one bobby luhnow jodi netflix season 2

Picture: Bobby Luhnow as Jodi in The Chosen One – Netflix

The U.S.A. is prepping for WW3?

A time skip revealed that Jodi’s training was successful, and he managed to find his way to the oval office and become President of the United States of America. As Commander and Chief of the entire armed force of the U.S.A., he is officially the most powerful individual in the world.

A holy war will now erupt with Jodi taking the might of the U.S. armed forces and invading the holy land of Jerusalem.

When can we expect to see a second season of The Chosen One on Netflix?

Filming for The Chosen One began on April 25th, 2022, and ended on June 18th, 2022. From filming starting to its Netflix release date is a period of sixteen months.

Assuming that The Chosen One is renewed, we aren’t expecting production to begin in 2023 due to the ongoing WGA /SAG AFTRA strikes.

At the earliest, fans could be waiting until 2025 for the second season of The Chosen One on Netflix.

Would you like to see a second season of The Chosen One on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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