The Next CoComelon? ‘Cry Babies Magic Tears’ Coming to Netflix in April 2022

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cry babies magic tears coming to netflix

Cry Babies Magic Tears – Picture: IMC Toys

Netflix is about to see another YouTube kids IP land on the service with Cry Babies Magic Tears due to arrive on April 18th, 2022.

The show is both a YouTube series (which has previously aired on Nickelodeon), a mobile phone app, and a toy franchise.

Cry Babies Magic Tears is an animated series about friendship and the importance of emotions for children aged 3 to 6. The story focuses on baby friends dressed up in animal pajamas matching their pets. In each stand-alone narrative episode, they have amazing adventures together while learning how powerful their emotions can be.

In a statement IMC Toys expressed their excitement about the show headed to Netflix saying:

“We are so proud and excited that from 18th April our Cry Babies Magic Tears series will be available on Netflix in 24 languages and in more than 190 countries. A great recognition after years of hard work and dedication.”

At this time, it’s unclear how many seasons of the show will launch onto Netflix. From our research, it could be up to three seasons which are currently only available on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video at the time of publishing.

That channel boasts 703K subscribers and over 732 million views.

It’s one of a number of YouTube channels that have made the jump over to Netflix and in one instance, has found huge success. We’re referring to CoComelon which to this day continues to dominate Netflix top 10s around the world.

In the United States, the show has spent a whopping 572 days in the TV top 10s since it first released with its first batch of episodes in June 2020. That means that CoComelon has been present in the US top 10s for 84% of the time it’s been on Netflix. Since then, we’ve seen new episodes drop roughly every six months.

April has been a busy month for kids content on Netflix. From Netflix themselves, we’ll see the release of The Creature Cases (April 12th), a new show from the creator of The Octonauts, the interactive series Battle Kitty and the new series adaptation of Stan Sakai’s comic book Usagi Yojimbo called Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles.

From licensed partners, we’ve seen the release of new seasons of CoComelon, Polly Pocket, Abby Hatcher, and Beyblade.

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