The West Wing Leaving Netflix in December 2015

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Update – 16th December 2016 – The West Wing was renewed today.

One of the reviews for The West Wing says it best when it notes that the show is “one of the best television dramas of all time; the drama to raise television’s bar. It’s an educational tool, a superb performance, inspires political debate, and gives us Americans some ideal to hold onto”.

That pretty much sums up the show perfectly for me and that’s why it’s a particular tragedy as the show is currently scheduled to expire on December 25th 2015. That means all seven season will be departing from the service from Christmas day. That’s 156 episodes including a few specials!

It’s not unusual for TV series of this calibre to leave towards the end of the year as this is when most contracts will renew and in this case, expire. The show was created by NBC and it’s not known what the fate of the show will be but as NBC’s stake in Hulu becomes ever more critical we may see the show defect to there to tempt viewers from Netflix over.

It’s also worth noting that Amazon Prime currently doesn’t have the show so they could be looking to snatch the agreement away.

So there you have it, if anything changes as this still has the potential of being renewed, we’ll let you know first here on What’s on Netflix.

The West Wing Leaving Netflix in December 2015

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