Three New Mobile Games Arrive on Netflix Globally

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new netflix games added to netflix december

Three new mobile games have just touched down on Netflix in the past few days all of which are available on iOS and Google Play. Here’s a breakdown of the three new games that now brings Netflix’s library of games up to 10 titles.

Netflix’s gaming initiative kicked off in early November with 5 games kicking off the lineup. Now, as of December 5th, the library has doubled. Although Netflix’s gaming initiative has a long way to go, they’re steadily building a healthy lineup of mobile games with iOS devices enabled as of November 10th.

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List of New Games Added to Netflix in December 2021

December kicked off with the re-release of GameLoft’s hit game Asphalt Xtreme but we’ve now got three more to add to talk about as we did cover Asphalt’s addition earlier in the month.

Let’s go through them one-by-one.

Dominoes Café

This first game is a slight twist on the classic game of dominos with crisp graphics but lacking in some features according to early reviews.

The game comes from a small indie developer out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil called Gazeus Games who have already released Dominos Online Jogatina: Game which is a very similar game in the past.

Here are the selling points according to the store listing for Dominoes Café.

“Settle in for a relaxing game of dominoes with a variety of realistic challenges in one-on-one or two-on-two contests.

Features include:

• Three classic game modes

• Play one-on-one or two-on-two

• Three difficulty levels

• Multiple language options

• Customizable tile and table designs

• Two soundtrack options”


Netflix’s version of Candy Crush? That seems to be the premise of this cut little puzzle game.

Here’s the official description for the new game:

“No cat likes to look dowdy, darling! Help felines look their best by mastering this match-3 puzzler that transforms yarn into stylish outfits.

These kittens need your help! Complete match-3 puzzles and unleash fur-tastic boosts to get high scores and earn bundles of yarn.

You’ll need to knit an array of purr-fect clothing to complete special events and make your cat the most fabulous feline.”

This game has been attracting some controversy, however. That’s because, like many Netflix games, they were previously available on the app stores but in this instance, Netflix has put the game behind a paywall as such.

The game comes from Timecode Games.

One reviewer for the game said:

“I am sooo disappointed that I can’t play this wonderful game anymore because I am not a Netflix subscriber. This is really not fair. Please change this so we can play our favorite game again. By making this stupid rule, you have made a lot of people very unhappy!”

Wonderputt Forever

Damp Knat and Rogue (who are behind Netflix’s Card Blast) developed this mini-golf game.

Here’s what you can expect from the game which we believe is one of Netflix’s best pickups to date.

“Windmills, schwindmills! In this mini-golf game, bizarre and beautifully constructed courses shift and evolve before your eyes.

Wonderputt Forever brings a pocketable nostalgia trip to places you’ve never been before. A mini-golf game where you must plan your shots carefully and sink the ball into each unique hole. With each completed level, the courses come to life, shifting and changing to prepare for the next. Play “Forever Mode” and get the fun going through hundreds of geometric theme holes as you unlock rewards.”

For a full list of games on Netflix, we’re keeping track of those here which includes additional info and trailers about all the games.

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