When will ‘Call the Midwife’ Season 13 be on Netflix?

The popular period drama show is coming back for at least three more seasons!

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Picture: BBC / PBS

One of the last remaining BBC shows on Netflix is Call the Midwife, which just dropped its twelfth season on Netflix US, and a thirteenth is on the way. Here’s what we know so far about the new season and when you can expect to stream it. 

Before we dive in, we should note that this article only really applies to two regions of Netflix: the United States and the United Kingdom. No other region of the streaming service carries the BBC show, and it’s not expected to land in the coming months, meaning you’ll need to source another method of watching.

Produced by Neal Street Productions and on the air since 2012, Call the Midwife is a popular period drama series set in East London during the 50s and 60s following midwives in a community hospital.

The good news is that there’s a lot more Call the Midwife is on the way. While season 13 was already confirmed, earlier in 2023, the BBC also confirmed that the series was renewed through to 2026 with season 14 and season 15 commissioned. The renewals mean the series will be headed into the 1970s.

Season 13 of the show began filming in May 2023 in Longcross in the UK and is expected to continue its annual tradition of airing a Christmas episode on December 25th and then begin releasing its new season in January 2023.

call the midwife christmas episode

Christmas episode for Call the Midwife – Picture: BBC

When will Call the Midwife season 13 be on Netflix US?

Let’s begin with the United States, where the show has a two-stage rollout and continues to come to Netflix after a deal struck back in 2012.

After season 13  has concluded its run on the BBC, it’ll then air and be available on PBS’s streaming service for an exclusive window. After that window is up, Netflix will receive the streaming rights.

If we look at the rollout of seasons over the years (including season 12 landing in September 2023), we can see that Netflix US gets new seasons almost without fail every September.

That’s what we’re predicting again, with season 13 of Call the Midwife expected to land on Netflix in September 2024.

call the midwife rollout

Rollout of Call the Midwife seasons on Netflix US

Will Call the Midwife season 13 be on Netflix UK?

It doesn’t look like it.

While Netflix UK had most seasons of Call the Midwife, that changed on September 1st, 2023, with seasons 1-9 removed from the service. Only season 10 remains, and our intel suggests that’ll only be there until November 30th of this year.

It would appear that Netflix UK is going to be losing Call the Midwife and that all seasons (new and old) will be going exclusive on the BBC iPlayer, where the show is available in full.

That means season 13 will need to be watched live on the BBC or on catch-up on the iPlayer.

Are you looking forward to catching Call the Midwife season 13 on Netflix? Let us know down below.

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