‘You’ Season 4 Eyes March 2022 Filming Start

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you season 4 eyes march 2022 filming start


It’s now been several months since season 3 of You touched down on Netflix around the globe and shortly before its premiere, it was given a season 4 order. Work has been quietly happening behind the scenes but production is currently due to kick off in the middle of March. 

The fourth season of You began its writing back in November 2021 with the writers confirming they were back together in their offices working on the new season.

According to new production schedules seen by What’s on Netflix, production (filming) on the new season is due to begin at some point in the middle of March 2022. It’s then due to be in production for around four months wrapping at some point in July 2022.

Of course, all filming dates are subject to change given the nature of productions having a lot of pieces to be in the right place at the right time. That’s especially been the case over the past two years for obvious reasons.

you season 4 eyes march filming start netflix

You – Picture: Netflix / Warner Brothers Television

One other interesting tidbit we’ve been told is that season 4 will be filmed at least partially in the United Kingdom. As we know, season 3 concluded in Paris with Nick (Joe’s new name) looking for Marianne but could he be moving to the United Kingdom in the new season with this filming location? We’ll have to wait and see. It’s worth noting an early production listing from ProductionWeekly listed the show to be filmed in Los Angeles.

Sera Gamble will continue showrunning duties headed into the fourth season which is set to consist of 10 episodes.

Casting has been teased for a later date which will likely be either in March or April alongside the production start.

When will You Season 4 be on Netflix?

At the moment, we’ve had no indication as to when season 4 of You will be on Netflix. Netflix hasn’t confirmed which year the series will release in either.

If we look back at the production schedule for season 3, it wrapped in April 2021 and then aired that October. If we apply similar timeframes to season 4, that means we won’t likely see it added until December 2022 at the earliest or what we believe is more likely in early 2023 again with the caveat that production schedules are subject to change.

For more on Netflix’s You, keep our preview for the forthcoming fourth season in your bookmarks.

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