‘You’ Superfan Predicts What Will Happen in Season 5 & Shares Behind The Scenes Snaps

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You Superfan Shares Season 5 Predictions

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You Season 5 is currently deep into filming its fifth and final season. The show has many devout superfans, and we managed to catch up with one who has been spilling the tea with behind-the-scenes snaps of the forthcoming season.

The account in question goes by the name of “Ally | YOU season 5 news,” which has been relentlessly posting over the past few months with behind-the-scenes snaps of all the filming taking place out in public view in New York City, the location of the final season.

This isn’t the only fan account we’ve spoken to in recent months. Earlier this year, we spoke to a Stranger Things fan account tracking everything BTS in the final season.

Before we dig into some of their favorite snaps from behind the scenes, we wanted to ask the account owner questions about their predictions for the final season, how they started the account, and their interactions with the main You Netflix accounts.

Note: Answers have been edited for clarity.

Kasey Moore: Hi there. Can I start by asking who you are, where you’re from, and when you started tracking all things You? Did you watch it when it first came out or when it moved over to Netflix?

Hi! My full name is Almog Cohen, but everyone calls me Ally.

I’m 21 years old, and I’m from LA. I first started watching the show when it came on Netflix. I hadn’t heard about it while it was on Lifetime, but I remember seeing the trailer and seeing Penn Badgley and Shay Mitchell and got really excited! I was a big Gossip Girl fan at the time (I still am) and just finished watching PLL for the first time and I was really excited to watch it! From the first episode, I was obsessed!!!

KM: You recently had an interaction with the main Netflix account – what was your reaction when you first saw them interact with you?

I was excited because they hadn’t been online for a while! I’ve had many interactions with them before (I think ever since S2 was announced). I remember they posted an S2 still on my birthday and replied to my comment, which was the best birthday gift ever.

My favorite Twitter interaction with them was when I asked them for a photo of Jenna Ortega and Carmela Zumbado, and they posted it!

Note: Ally also sent a video of Penn Badgley, Sera Gamble and Caroline Kepnes giving a shoutout in a group chat called “Everythingship Squad.” 

KM: You’ve been able to sleuth lots of behind-the-scenes pictures for the upcoming season – how are you finding them? Are you afraid of spoiling the new season for yourself?

Yes, I am always afraid I’ll find a major spoiler when looking for BTS photos, and it also kinda happened this week when the photos of Joe holding a newspaper came out! On days when I know they are filming outside, I search all over the internet for photos (Getty Images, X, Instagram & TikTok)

KM: OK, give us your top predictions for the upcoming season. Will Joe finally get caught?

I think Joe is gonna get caught!

As someone who read the books, I was kinda bummed at first when S2 didn’t end like the 2nd book (he gets caught, and at the beginning of book 3, he gets out), but S3 & 4 were very different from the books, and I really hope they go in that direction and let Joe’s victims get the justice they deserve! We all love Joe as a character, but if we’re real for a second, he’s a really horrible person and a villain!

I hope they bring back the jar of piss from season 1, and I hope to see a bunch of cameos from all seasons!

Can you share your favorite BTS pics from the upcoming season?

KM: Beyond You, what else do you watch on Netflix?

So many!

I just finished Good Girls, which was amazing! I also love Jane the Virgin, Shameless, Orange Is The New Black and the Santa Clarita Diet.

Ally has shared dozens of behind-the-scenes photos from the upcoming fifth and final season, but I asked them to pick out a few of their favorites:

If you want even more BTS photos, check out the mega-thread pinned to the top of their account, which has been seen over 400,000 times!

What are your predictions for You Season 5? Let us know in the comments.