‘American Horror Story’ Seasons 4-6 Leaving Netflix US in October 2021

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american horror story leaving netflix in october 2021 again

American Horror Story – Picture: FX

American Horror Story is scheduled to leave Netflix partially in October 2021 but, we’ve been here before and whether they are removed permanently or only for a limited amount of time is unclear. Here’s what we know so far.

Updated: Welp – as predicted, the removal dates have been removed already suggesting AHS is here to stay for a little longer.

Created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk (who both work with Netflix under overall deals) the anthology series starts each season with a brand new story and cast roster. The series remains popular with a spin-off entitled American Horror Stories that releases on FX on Hulu.

To the matter at hand, we’re once again seeing multiple seasons of the show set to depart. This is not new, in fact we’ve seen it happen many times over the past few years with season 8 showing a removal date last year too. While it did leave for a bit, it quickly came back and a Netflix release date for season 9 was announced.

The seasons currently set to leave Netflix across several days in October includes:

  • Freak Show (Season 4 – 2014) – October 6th
  • Hotel (Season 5 – 2015) – October 4th
  • Roanoke (Season 6 – 2016) – October 3rd

That means removal dates are not currently showing for the following seasons:

  • Murder House (Season 1)
  • Asylum (Season 2)
  • Coven (Season 3)
  • Cult (Season 7)
  • Apocalypse (Season 8)
  • 1984 (Season 9)

It’s worth noting that Netflix is very much still waiting for season 10 of American Horror Story which is dubbed Double Feature to hit Netflix.

Right now, these removal dates only affect the United States but as always, we’d suggest you keep a close eye on removal notices within the application and on individual seasons.

According to Unogs, some countries in Asia have fragmented availability with Netflix South Korea carrying seasons 7 through 9. Some regions only have seasons 7 and 9.

In many countries, Disney+ now carries American Horror Story as part of its Star tile lineup.

Netflix has seen American Horror Story removed in full in multiple regions over the years. Netflix Australia for instance no longer streams the show at all after a rather fragmented removal.

So what’s going on here?

FX who airs the show is now owned by Disney who has turned the taps off to third parties like Netflix in recent years in favor of bulking up its own services. There are still a few instances, like American Horror Story, where legacy contracts (which aren’t well publicized in terms of details) still exist and therefore, the streaming availability around the world is fragmented and complicated.

We’ll keep you posted on anything new we learn about the future of American Horror Story on Netflix.

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