‘NCIS’ Expected to Leave Netflix in 2024

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ncis staying on netflix until 2024

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NCIS has been a fixture on Netflix for years but its time could soon be coming to an end. As many licensed titles are pulled back in favor of their owner’s own streaming services, NCIS could soon be following suit but you’ve still got a couple of years to binge on Netflix.

A staple on television since 2003, the CBS show is about to enter its 20th season in September 2022. The long-running police procedural series has seen numerous spin-offs spawn and retained its popularity throughout.

Only Netflix in the United States has ever streamed NCIS as part of an old legacy deal with CBS but that deal came to an end but it’s been unclear on the future status of the show at least on Netflix.

That’s because season 15 of NCIS was added to Netflix back in June 2018 and since then, we’ve had nothing. Season 16 under the old circumstances would’ve been added in 2019 but it never came to fruition.

As a result, now four years later, Netflix is missing four seasons (five if you count the upcoming 20th season) of the show including season 16, season 17, season 18, and season 19.

As a result of these missing seasons, Netflix is far from the ideal place to watch NCIS. For the past few years, Paramount’s own Paramount+ has been the only place to watch every available season. That, however, hasn’t stopped people from continuing to binge the show exclusively on Netflix

According to Nielsen ratings, it was the fourth most-watched acquired show in the US behind Criminal Minds, Cocomelon, and Grey’s Anatomy.

why ncis isnt getting updates on netflix

NCIS – Picture: Paramount

With no new seasons coming to Netflix and Criminal Minds, another Paramount powerhouse on Netflix recently departing, that may have you wondering when NCIS is leaving Netflix.

A new joint investigation by The Wrap and What’s on Netflix can reveal some preliminary expiry dates for some of Netflix’s most popular licensed titles. Among the titles listed included New Girl, The Good Place, Supernatural, and Shameless.

They revealed 10 shows and their expected removal dates from Netflix and one of them was NCIS which is currently due to expire from the service on June 30th, 2024.

Of course, this comes with the caveat that deals can be bought out (see The Defenders on Netflix), meaning that it could leave earlier or that Netflix and Paramount could renew the deal for the older seasons but for now, you’ve got around 2 years to binge NCIS before it leaves to go exclusive on Paramount+.

Will you miss NCIS once it leaves Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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