Are Marvel and Star Wars Movies Included in the Netflix/Disney Contract?

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The famous Disney contract with Netflix kicked off in September and had bought new Disney movies each month to Netflix but so far; we haven’t received any drops from Marvel or Lucasfilm which begs the question, are they included in the contract?

With many news outlets covering the news, exact specifics of the deal haven’t always been as black and white. We’ve stated in the past that we do believe all of the new theatrical releases from Lucasfilm and Marvel will be coming to Netflix but it was never spelled out to us.

After a lot of digging, we came across an official blog post on the Netflix website detailing their movie plans for the summer. Where it states “From September onwards, Netflix will become the exclusive US pay-TV home of the latest films from Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm and Pixar.” That confirms it then, so let’s now take a look at what will be the first titles from these two studios to show up on Netflix.

The First Marvel Title Coming to Netflix

Although the masses first got wind of the new deal in September 2016 with the first release in the form of The Finest Hours, the deal actually began in January 2016 where every theatrical release thereafter would be included in the deal and release on Netflix.

That means the first Marvel movie that released in 2016 would come to Netflix and in this instance, it was the massive Captain America: Civil War which includes pretty much every significant Marvel character go up against each other for one of the biggest on-screen showdowns of all time.

It’ll likely release as part of the December 2016 releases or could even be pushed back to early 2017 but it’s coming and we can’t wait for it.

The First Lucasfilm/Star Wars Title Coming to Netflix.

Because the deal only includes titles from January 2016 onwards, we sadly won’t be getting Star Wars Episode 7 coming to Netflix although we will be getting first spinoff movie which is scheduled to release in December 2016.

Called Rogue One, it’ll tell a different story and is part of a set of brand new movies that will depart from the timeline of the main movies a little but stick with the same universe. Given how in the year it’s launching, we don’t think we’ll see it arrive on Netflix until next summer at the soonest and early Fall by the latest.

Check back again with us in December where we’ll have a full 2017 preview of all the Disney titles scheduled to arrive next year.