Chasing Cameron Season 2: Release Date and Renewal Status

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Chasing Cameron Season 1

Chasing Cameron – Copyright Netflix

Chasing Cameron was a Netflix Original reality series that followed around social media sensation Cameron Dallas that released in 2017. The first season was never followed up with a second season despite reports a second season would be on the way. Here’s the current status of the Netflix show in 2019.

It’s not the first internet star to get their own show on Netflix. The trend was first brought in by Haters Back Off! which came to Netflix a few months ago. The first season followed Cameron around on his tour of Europe called the Magcon convention. It played out like a reality TV series such as Keeping up with the Kardashians.

The series has been met with a very mixed response so far with Cameron turning off a lot of the Netflix audience. With that said, his core social media following does seem to love it and I guess that’s all that really matters at the end of the day.

Chasing Cameron Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status (01/29/2019): Unconfirmed but expected to be canceled. 

Season 2 is unlikely given in 2019 it’ll have been three years since season 1 debut dropped on Netflix on December 27th, 2016.

It was reported by TubeFilter in early 2017 that a second season is definitely on the way. Dallas spoke about what his hopes were for the second season saying: “I think it’s gonna dive deeper more into the relationship between my mom and my sister,” adding “and then kind of a more in-depth view on where we’re going and what’s continuing to go on. ‘Cuz we’re only taking steps forward, so I feel like the more we go, the more interesting it gets.”

Dallas also spoke about his hopes for a second season in an interview with E! (see below)

Despite all this and without an official confirmation, we’re now thinking the show is either on a permanent hiatus or is officially canceled.

The production company behind the show, Magical Elves has listed Chasing Cameron as a “past show”. The production company is also currently making Sugar Rush and Nailed It! for Netflix.

Past Shows Magical Elves

Past shows on Magical Elves including Chasing Cameron season 1

When would a second season be on Netflix?

Unfortunately at this point if the show was to get another season it’d be impossible to say when it’s releasing. Cameron Dallas has been relatively quiet in recent years focusing on his music career.

It’s sure to split opinions but what have you made of the brand new Netflix reality series? Are you a fan of Cameron Dallas and want to see a new season? Let us know below!