First Look at Fuller House Arriving on Netflix February 26

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To understand what the new Netflix Original Fuller House is all about we have to rewind back to the late 80’s and go right through to the mid 90’s and watch Full House. The long standing and much loved American sitcom aired from 1987 before closing the doors in 1995. It was aired by ABC and was about widowed father who, along with his best friend and brother in law, set out to raise their three daughters.

Fast forward to today, Fuller House is a modern day reincarnation of the show with the same basic premise although the roles have reversed with a mother put into the same position and best friend Kimmy and sister Stephanie take the other roles.

We’ve only have a quick glimpse as to what’s in store for us when the series launch on February 26th with 13 full episodes but from what we have seen, it looks to include all of the heart and comedy that the original still supplies to this day.

Who’s involved with Fuller House?

It was reported back in mid-2014 that John Stamos, who has a joint ownership of the show, was interested on getting a reboot of the beloved show to air. Warner Bros agreed and set out to find a network to air it. In April 2015, Netflix came to the agreement that they’d stream the new series exclusively on their platform. The rest is history.

With regards to casting the main roles are filled by Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber. We also have supporting stars such as John Stamos, Bob Saget, Dave Coulier and Lori Loughlin to name a few.

Will the original Full House come to Netflix?


Although many will be excited about the announcement of Fuller House, most will also ask the question as to whether the original Full House will arrive on Netflix. Well as of right now, the answer is no but that’s likely to change and the possibility that it gets added alongside its newer reboot is likely. We’ll let you know if anything changes on this front.