‘Ginny and Georgia’ Re-Enters Top 10s on Netflix; But Why?

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ginny and georgia returns to netflix top 10s

Ginny and Georgia – Picture: Netflix

Ginny and Georgia has rocketed back up the Netflix Top 10 charts again. It’s been over a year since we got word on a second season but that’s not expected to drop for another few months so why is the show back in the Netflix top 10s? We try and figure it out.

Why is this news you may be asking? Surely things come and go from the Netflix top 10s all the time? Well, you’re right but the top 10s often are dominated by titles that are fresh or recently landed on Netflix. We also see titles like CoComelon, Yo soy Betty la fea consistently remain in top 10s week in and week out.

That’s not the case for Ginny & Georgia which left the Netflix top 10s around a month or two after season 1 debuted in late February 2021.

FlixPatrol data suggests the show has been climbing the charts in Nordic regions, Southeast Europe, the UK and Ireland, and even Australia.

ginny and georgia back in top 10s flixpatrol

Ginny and Georgia’s recent trending data in top 10s – Picture: FlixPatrol

So why is Ginny and Georgia back in the top 10s? We couldn’t find any major breaking news stories or any new controversies. What did find, however, is a few viral clips posted on TikTok a few days ago.

Two video clips have between them been viewed 3.8 million times on TikTok and that’s not counting any shares that will have been done in private messaging apps given TikTok allows you to download videos.

If you scroll down the Discover Ginny and Georgia page, you can see a huge list of new videos about the show in recent days. Each with hundreds of thousands of views and likes.

That alone has likely led to people either rewatching or beginning the show for the first time and thus giving the show a second lease of life.

The ability of a show like Ginny and Georgia to regain steam on Netflix thanks to viral clips shows why it’d be beneficial for Netflix to offer a native ability to clip up their own shows and screenshot titles. Of course, the legality of doing that is probably why we aren’t able to do it right now.

When will Season 2 of Ginny and Georgia be on Netflix?

A second season is on the way and is expected to arrive on Netflix later in 2022. Filming is still ongoing as of April 2022 and while initial filming dates suggested that it would wrap on April 8th, we’re still seeing pictures from various crew members from the set.

The big news for season 2 of the show is that Aaron Ashmore has joined the cast.

We’ll keep you posted on the second season and how high the show reaches in the top 10 as and when we get it.

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