Google Chrome Extension Brings “X-Ray for Movies” to Netflix

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Netflix X Ray Screen Shot

Example of how X-ray works for Netflix Chrome Extension – Pictures: Netflix

One of the few excellent features that Amazon Prime Video can boast about above all of its competitors is its X-Ray functionality that links into IMDb to be able to provide more information about any select title, including its cast, trivia, and more. Thanks to a Chrome extension, some of that functionality can be used within Netflix. 

The extension, currently only available for Google Chrome on desktops, gives us a glimpse as to what Prime Video’s X-Ray function could look like applied to Netflix.

Amazon first introduced X-Ray for Movies all the way back in 2012, and it is one of the few features that sets that streamer aside from the rest.

Unlike Prime Video’s functionality, it only currently gives a handful of actors that are based on their appearances throughout the entire show or movie as opposed to Prime Video’s method of doing it on a scene-by-scene basis.

Clicking on any of the actors will bring up a collection of that actor’s other works. Clicking each title will reveal information about that movie or series, including trailers, review scores, and descriptions. Most importantly, it pulls in its streaming availability from Google but doesn’t easily indicate which other titles are available on Netflix.

The extension also pulls in soundtracks for respective titles.

We managed to nab a few words with the developer Sid for the Chrome extension to talk about how it came about and where it’s headed in the future.

WoN: What gave you the idea to start the project?

Amazon Prime’s X-Ray feature, I loved how I didn’t have to check my phone or switch between windows to get to know more about the cast and songs. But what Amazon’s X-Ray feature lacked was details of the other TV shows and movies the cast has worked in. I’ve added that too. You can see their other works, trailers, ratings, and streaming info in a single click.

WoN: Can you tell us how the extension works technically? Does it use APIs, etc?

It uses a bunch of APIs and websites, IMDb, Youtube, TMDb, Google, and TuneFind.

WoN: How has the reaction been so far?

I’ve only posted a few posts on Reddit so far, and the reaction has been pretty good.

WoN: What expansion plans beyond the song lists do you have for the future?

– General Trivia and Goofs related to the movie, show, and actor

– Recommendations based on the movie/show currently being watched

– Integration with other OTT platforms (Disney+, HBO, etc.)

Will you be giving the extension a trial run on Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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