Haters Back Off Season 2: Renewal Status and Release Date

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Haters Back Off, a brand new Netflix Original that sees a Youtuber transition over to Netflix for the first time, released on October 14th, 2016. The first season has been met with a lot of positive praise even from those who don’t particularly like her YouTube content. Will Haters Back Off return for a second season? Let’s have a look.

The inception of Haters Back Off! was a little baffling to me given that it’s a YouTuber who’s producing content for a platform other than YouTube. This is heightened especially when YouTube has come out with its premium Red service where most YouTubers are flocking to put their premium content. It’s a great swoop for Netflix though as they’re now able to pick up subscribers from Miranda Sings over 7 million strong following on the social platform.

The first season which consisted of 8 episodes wasn’t too far away from her regular vlogs but did offer an overarching storyline telling the origin story of the YouTuber as you know her today. It features plenty of backstory that’s been previously withheld from her viewers but ends (spoilers) with Miranda creating her first few viral videos and becoming an internet sensation.

Will there be a season 2? We think the answer is almost definitely yes. The audience that Miranda manages to reach is part of an audience that Netflix simply isn’t able to reach with its other series. Although its critic rating is sitting around average (5/10), most of her actual fans have been incredibly happy with the new show. As of right now, the show hasn’t been renewed but we’ll update this as soon as we get word of a second season.

When will season 2 of Haters Back Off be on Netflix? We suspect that it’d be a yearly affair for the series and while nothing is confirmed as of yet, we think it’d be wise to say that October 2017 would be the release for season 2. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get more of Miranda Sings though, she is and will continue to keep uploading to her Youtube Channel.

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