How to Get an A-Z List of Movies & TV Series on Netflix

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Netflix continues to have a large and sprawling library of content around the world but often it’s hard to filter through the noise and get to what you want to watch. If you’re looking for a way to see a complete A-Z listing of what’s on Netflix, here’s a couple of quick hacks that will help you. 

As you may know, most of Netflix is driven by algorithms that predict what you’re most likely wanting to watch. That means the first title that is promoted when you boot up is specifically targeted to you. Netflix has made some strides in making other forms of discovery available including the recently released top 10 features but finding an A-Z complete list is hard.

So let’s cover how to get an overview of EVERYTHING on Netflix not just what’s served up for you and we’ve got two ways of doing so.

A-Z Movies & Series on Netflix’s Interface

Netflix’s web interface continues to be the most superior way of discovering, filtering and searching for shows. The mobile application and TV experience have come a long way but it’s still nowhere near the web app.

The web app is what allows you to filter Netflix by the over 30,000 Netflix categories but more importantly, you can filter both movies and TV series by A-Z.

So, to get an A-Z listing of all the movies, navigate to and click movies at the top. Next on the right-hand side, click the grid view. Then in the drop-down to the right of that, you can then filter by A-Z or Z-A. This includes the entire Netflix library because the top-level category is so broad.

To help you, we’ve got two links prepared here that will take you straight to the pre-filtered pages:

Using What’s on Netflix Library A-Z

The second way you can sort through Netflix’s 5000+ title library is through our Netflix Library pages.

The benefit of using our A-Z listings is that you can get expanded information. That includes an instant snapshot of the cover, title, date of release and TV rating. You can then open that up and expand to see the description, actor, director, runtime and what quality it’s available in.

You can find a full A-Z list of the movies on Netflix here and the TV series on Netflix here. We’ve also got a special list for Netflix Originals and you can find even more breakdowns of the Netflix US library from our library page.

The only caveat with using our site is that our library currently only includes the Netflix US library. We’re hoping to add more in the future.

There you have it, an extra hack to make your streaming life on Netflix easier.

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