Last Hope Part 2: When will it be on Netflix?

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Last Hope: Part One has become massively popular within a short space of time. The anime is written by Ageha Saotome and animated by Satelight will definitely be getting a part 2 and we shouldn’t have a long wait for it to drop on Netflix. Here’s a look at part 2 including when we think it’ll be dropping on Netflix. 

In case you haven’t been watching, Last Hope (also known as Unit Pandora) is an anime series that fits in the mecha genre. As described by Netflix, the series is about a scientist who has to fight an ecological disaster of his own making.

Will there be a part 2?

Fans of the show may have been confused by the abrupt end to part one of Last Hope and understandably so. As you may already know, Netflix chose to release the first season of Last Hope in two separate parts for Western audiences despite having full control over the rights.

The show is a full Netflix Original and dropped weekly on Netflix in Japan as well as airing on Japanese affiliates.

26 episodes are due out in total as part of season 1. Netflix released the first 13 episodes on September 14th. Episode 26 just recently finished airing in Japan so now we just have to wait for it to release on Netflix.

That means fans have only half of the total available episodes so far.

When is part two of Last Hope coming to Netflix?

At the moment Netflix hasn’t announced their plans for releasing part 2 as of yet. The series has now been finished for a couple of weeks, surely it can just drop right? What’s the reason for the wait? Well, the series likely has to be subtitled and adapted for Western audiences before release.

We’re currently expecting part 2 to arrive sometime in late 2018 or early 2019 but, as always, release dates are subject to change.

Is there a trailer for part 2?

There currently isn’t a trailer for season 2 or a teaser so for those who haven’t seen it we’ll drop in the trailer for the first half below and update when we know more.

Are you looking forward to Part 2 of Last Hope? Let us know in the comments below.

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