‘My Country: The New Age’ Season 1: What We Know So Far

My Country: The New Age – Copyright. Celltrion Entertainment

Coming to Netflix this October is Netflix’s latest K-Drama, My Country: The New Age. The period drama has us incredibly excited at What’s on Netflix office, and we can’t wait for it to land soon. Here’s everything we know so far on My Country: The New Age season 1, including the plot, cast, trailer, Netflix release date, and episode release schedule.

My Country: The New Age is an upcoming South Korean Netflix Original period-drama written by Chae Seung-dae. Not to be confused with another Korean Original, Kingdom, this series will be devoid of flesh-eating zombies. Set in a very similar time period, My Country: The New Age will be a grand spectacle that we know fans of Korean TV will absolutely adore.

What is the plot of My Country: The New Age?

It’s the dawn of a new age as the Goryeo dynasty makes way for Joseon. What “my country” means to two old friends is radically different, resulting in them taking arms against the other. Seo Hwi is the son of the famous commander Seo Geom, and a warrior in his own right. An unwavering paragon, Seo Hwi does not compromise to injustice. When his life devolves into a hellish existence, somehow even Seo Hwi can still hold a smile.

The fact that his mother was born in the lowest class, this has led to the mockery of Nam Sun-ho. Despite this, he has grown to be a smart and talented man. His dream was to pass the military service exam but after a corruption scandal involving his father

Who is in the cast of My Country: The New Age season 1?

The following cast members have been confirmed to star in My Country: The New Age:

RoleCast MemberWhere Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Seo HwiYang Se-jongTemperature of Love | Duel | Dr. Romantic
Nam Seon-hoWoo Do-hwanTempted | Mad Dog | Sweet Stranger and Me
Han Hee-jaeKim Seol-hyunOrange Marmalade | The Great Battle | Gangnam Blues
Taejong of JoseonJang HyukEmpire of Lust | Innocent Thing | The Client
Taejo of JoseonKim Yeong-cheolCriminal Minds | A Bittersweet Life | Wonderful Days
Queen SindeokPark Ye-jinAn End to Killing | Last | Mr Baek
Seo-geomYu Oh-seongAre You Human? | Friend | Faith
Il-hwaJang Young-namWeightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo | Moon Embracing The Sun | Ode to My Father
Park Chi-doJi Seung-hyunSearch: WWW | Wish | Svaha: The Sixth Finger
Jeong-beomLee Yoo-joonWhat’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? | While You Were Sleeping | For the Emperor
Cheon-gaKim Seo-kyungTough as Iron | Love 911 | My Little Brother
Park Moon-bokGyo-jinThe Return of Superman | Birth of a Beauty | Fight for My Way
Seo-yeonCho Yi-hyunMetamorphosis | Homme Fatale | Less than Evil
Hwa-wolHong Ji-yoonMy First First Love | What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? | Monstrum

Is My Country: The New Age a full Netflix Original or an exclusive international distribution?

While the series has been given the banner of an Original, it is, in fact, an exclusive international distribution. As that is far too much of a mouthful, Netflix Original will suffice.

Other Korean titles that fall into this category are:

  • Abyss N
  • Arthdal Chronicles N
  • Life N
  • Mr. Sunshine N
  • Possessed N
  • Romance Is a Bonus Book N

How many episodes will My Country: The New Age Season 1 air?

It has been confirmed that the first season will air 16 episodes.

What are the episode run times?

Each episode will have an estimated run time of 70 minutes.

Will My Country: The New Age be available to stream in 4K?

While many Netflix Originals arrive in 4K, sadly My Country: The New Age is only available to stream in 1080i.

Has Netflix released a trailer for My Country: The New Age?

Netflix has yet to release a trailer on their own channel but The Swoon published a trailer on the 16th of September.

When is the Netflix release date for My Country: The New Age?

The first episode of My Country: The New Age will be available to stream on October 4th.

The following table is the Netflix release schedule for episodes of My Country: The New Age season 1:

EpisodeNetflix Release Date
1October 4th, 2019
2October 5th, 2019
3October 11th, 2019
4October 12th, 2019
5October 18th, 2019
6October 19th, 2019
7October 25th, 2019
8October 26th, 2019
9November 1st, 2019
10November 2nd, 2019
11November 9th, 2019
12November 10th, 2019
13November 16th, 2019
14November 17th, 2019
15November 22nd, 2019
16November 23rd, 2019

Is My Country: The New Age available to stream in my region?

The only countries unavailable to stream My Country: The New Age is South Korea and Japan.

Episodes will air on Friday and Saturday nights at 23:00 pm on JTBC.

Are you looking forward to the release of My Country: The New Age? Let us know in the comments below.