Netflix 4K and HDR Coming to Playstation 4 Pro

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Those wanting to watch 4K Netflix content on their Playstations are in luck as the brand new PS4 Pro will be getting 4K and HDR from day one via a new application on the device. Current PS4’s are expected to get a firmware updating including support for HDR, but it’s unconfirmed whether it’ll also get 4K support.

Playstation 4, which first launched back in September 2015, has remained one of the top devices when it comes Netflix streaming and with the release of PS4Pro, that is set to continue. The PS4Pro, that’s due to launch at the end of this year, is a minor update to the Playstation family that will bring enhanced graphics as well as other features which are mainly set to enhance gaming on the platform.

4K will be a welcome addition to the Playstation and add to the limited set of devices that currently support 4K streaming with Netflix. Up until now, only a select few Roku boxes (which are generally quite expensive) and Smart televisions have had the capabilities up until now.

The 4K catalogue on Netflix is small but growing with new titles such as Narcos taking full advantage of the system.

If you don’t have a Playstation 4 and are thinking about jumping in, the new platform is $399 and releasing in November of this year. It’s also worth noting that you have to have the top Netflix subscription to get 4K content.

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