Netflix orders Season 2 of ‘Marco Polo’

Kasey Moore What's on Netflix Avatar


It came to no surprise that yesterday Netflix has announced that it’s latest venture into original programming will be getting a second season. While the first season was met with a mixed reception only managing to score 5/10 in a lot of large media outlets. Many critics have said how it’s a slow show with only rare occasions where the show takes off and a mismatched and disjointed story. The show was a big switch from what Netflix is used to producing as it has a much larger budget, location and even time period. Set in 13th century China it follows the famous traveller Marco Polo along his journey as he meets famous historic icons. The show beats HBO’s Game of Thrones in respect to budget as $90 million was budgeted for the whole of season 1. It’s yet to be known the budget of the new series.

Netflix released the statement, along with a timeline for more of its original series, saying that ‘Creator John Fusco’s tale of Marco’s journey will continue for 10 all-new episodes as Marco navigates Kublai Khan’s world of greed, betrayal, sexual intrigue and rivalry.’ It’s expected that the new season will join Netflix in full again roughly the same time as last year which is mid-December.

This move shows Netflix’s continued commitment for providing its own catalogue of content rather than relying on its partners content, which as time goes on becomes more and more scarce given the competition arising from rivals Amazon and Hulu. Season 1 of Marco Polo is streaming now on Netflix worldwide.