Netflix Original Series ‘La Mante’ Leaving in December 2021

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La Mante – Picture: Netflix / TF1

Netflix will soon lose the French thriller series La Mante which also translates to The Mantis (although Netflix doesn’t use this title in any region). All 6 episodes will depart Netflix globally on December 29th, 2021. 

Originally airing on TF1, the French miniseries eventually found its way onto Netflix on December 29th, 2017 in the majority of Netflix regions around the globe. It comes from AB International Distribution and Septembre Production and followed a serial killer who offered to help solve a string of copycat murders.

Six episodes of La Mante were released in total with each being roughly 55 minutes in runtime. The series was available on Netflix in its original French audio as well as dubs for German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. No English dub is available although English subtitles are available.

Around the time of release, iNews gave the series a thumbs up saying “it’s a show that definitely merits a watch” adding that the show is comparable to the likes of Mindhunter, Hannibal, and The Sinner.

The series also received a thumbs-up from Stephen King who has a long history of making great Netflix recommendations.

Now, four years later, the series is set to depart Netflix in full in most regions including the US and UK on December 29th with a “last day to watch” notification showing for December 28th.

la mante leaving netflix

Removal notice showing on La Mante – Picture; Screencap/

Why is La Mante leaving Netflix?

If you’re wondering why La Mante is leaving Netflix, it comes down to licensing. Despite being a Netflix Original, in this instance that only means that Netflix bought the exclusive streaming rights for a fix period of time. In this case, that fixed period was for four years.

As we’ve covered, lots of Netflix Originals have been removed from the service over the years but it’s worth noting that this process does seem to be speeding up.

Earlier this year, we saw The Frozen Dead, another French miniseries depart from Netflix.

We do recommend watching while you can as when titles leave Netflix they become incredibly hard to find to watch online legally with most failing to find new streaming homes.

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