Netflix Picks Up Shooter Season 1 With Weekly Episodes

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Netflix has picked up the rights abroad to the Shooter series which will be bringing USA Networks latest show to Netflix exclusively with weekly drops of new episodes and likely to land on Netflix US a year from now. 

The series produced by USA Network is based in part on the Shooter movie which released in 2007 and the novel that the movie is based called Point of Impact released in 1993. The basic plot is that an ex-marine sniper living a solitary life gets pulled back and accused of killing the President.

The first episode of Shooter aired on USA Network on Tuesday 15th, 2016 and then, like many other shows, releases on a select few Netflix regions the following day exclusively in that region. The UK and Australia/New Zealand regions are both being treated to new weekly episodes.

When do new episodes of Shooter come to Netflix?

Here’s the weekly Netflix release schedule for season 1 of Shooter. This assumes that the series now runs seven weeks in a row without a break.

  • Episode 1 – November 16th
  • Episode 2 – November 23rd
  • Episode 3 – November 30th
  • Episode 4 – December 7th
  • Episode 5 – December 14th
  • Episode 6 – December 21st
  • Episode 7 – December 28th

Shooter Season 1 Netflix US Release Date

For those in the USA and indeed Canada who aren’t included in this deal, you may have a while to wait for the season to land on Netflix but it will come eventually. Evidence to support this includes the other similar arrangements where new episodes come to Netflix UK weekly and then release on Netflix US in full later. Also, USA Network is pretty good at adding their new shows on Netflix.

When will it be on Netflix? As with most other networks, they add their shows to Netflix just a few weeks before a new season releases. In this case, we’d suspect USA Network would air season 2 in November 2017 and you can expect season 1 to arrive in October/November 2017.

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