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Doctor Who has sadly been taken away from us forever on Netflix as of February 1st, 2016. This has meant to many that they’re now without their favorite Doctor travelling throughout time and space. The famous BBC kicked off in the 1960’s giving us high budget TV sci-fi with a time lord that possessed a Tardis that helped him navigate from each adventure to the next.

Other regions of Netflix are keeping the famous Doctor Who and Classic Doctor Who but in the US you’ll have to go searching for something else. In this post we’re going to give you 5 other TV series you should watch that share many similarities.


4 Seasons Available


Not leaving Netflix in February is Doctor Who’s slightly maturer spin-off Torchwood. The show that aired much more infrequently than Doctor Who gained mass appeal and was a wild success. Torchwood is a secret organisation that’s mentioned regularly in Doctor Who and after all, it’s an acronym for it. The front man here is John Barrowman who leads the secret organisation hunting down aliens that endanger the human race. It’s got many of the same writers as Doctor Who has so it’s a must watch for all Doctor Who fans.


1 Season Available


Fan-favorite Firefly that’s criminally been left at one series is the sci-fi adventure every child dreams of. Set 500 years in the future, the show is about a small ship carrying rejects who are desperately trying to avoid the war against different factions.


4 Seasons Available


Continuum wrapped up last year in Canada and has found a welcoming home on Netflix ever since. In the show a detective from the year 2077 travels back in time to the present day to try and prevent criminals in the future. The series has spanned 42 episodes are available as a complete collection right now on Netflix.

The Peabody and Sherman Show

1 Season Available


This is the only Netflix Original we’ve picked here but it fits the theme perfectly. Mr Peabody and Sherman was a Dreamworks animation movie and a spinoff TV series was produced for Netflix exclusively last year. The show presented in a late night show format explores different known figures from different time periods.


10 Seasons Available


If it’s the sciencey stuff that pulls you towards Doctor Who and the time travel fewer programs will deal with it with as much respect as Futurama does. The Matt Greoning series that sits alongside his prized series, The Simpsons gives a look into the future. It’s spanned for 10 seasons so far and all are available on Netflix when Fry freezes himself to be woken up in the future and goes onto work at a delivery company.

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