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TED Talks Catalog Being Removed from Netflix in March

Ted Talks Leaving Netflix Library

Ted Talks aims to inspire and educate in the forms of long talks with prominent figures from every walk of life. Over the years, they’ve produced hundreds of videos, audio podcasts and articles to meet their objectives. For the past few years, Netflix has been a part of the solution of delivering TED content. Every year they refresh their content on Netflix adding new compilations and best ofs but this year however, it seems they’re intending to remove all their content from Netflix altogether.

For those of you that are eagle eyed, you’d have seen our leaving soon post got updated a few days back including all the TED Talks series on Netflix, scheduled to be removed indefinitely. In previous years, Netflix has actually added to the collection with another two seasons coming last year in March.

There’s some big losses here with some exceptional figures presenting these talks.

Here’s the complete list of those titles currently scheduled to leave Netflix on March 15th.

  • Best of TEDx (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Life Hack (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Life Hack 2: The Next Level (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Sex, Secrets & Love (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Smart Laughs (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Head Games (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Life Lessons & Confessions (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Chew on This (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Humanity’s Future (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Space Trek (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Love, No Matter What (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Hot Buttons (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: The Best of TEDx in Espanol (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Inexplicable Connections (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Rad Invention (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Ancient Clues (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: The Capitalism Paradox (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Artistry and Illusion (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Music Revolution (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Animal Voices (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Defying Disease (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Numbers Speak Louder than Words (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Building Wonder (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Beasts, Bugs & Bio-wilderment (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Robotic Machinations (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: How to Start a Movement (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Cyber Awe (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Rebel Design (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Into the Abyss (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Global Villages (1 Season)
  • TED Talks: Body By Design (1 Season)

So what’s the deal here? It seems that Netflix is no longer part of TED’s strategy or it could perhaps be the other way round. This could just be a contract renewal and all of the content is simply renewed for another year and more titles could be added. But the fact these titles are marked for deletion and after the tragic loss of Doctor Who, we’re not taking any chances.

This post was last updated on December 14th, 2016 at 8:14 AM

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