‘The Sandman’ Season 2 Stops Filming Because of SAG-AFTRA Strike

One of the many shows that will now be completely shut down because of the strikes.

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SAG-AFTRA has voted to strike following their current contract period being up and negotiations for a future contract falling through. One of the shows that has now immediately stopped production is season 2 of The Sandman, which only got underway with filming last month.

Since late June, production on The Sandman has been spotted taking place throughout numerous locations in the United Kingdom.

The cast was recently spotted in a graveyard for scenes in season 2, confirming the second major casting announcement for the new season in the form of Indya Moore.

In recent weeks, we’ve also revealed that casting was ongoing for Norse gods, including Thor, Odin, Loki, King Auberon, and Queen Titania.

As we first reported earlier in the year, The Sandman season 2 (or new episodes as Netflix officially calls the show’s future) would be filmed in two blocks. The first block would occur between June and October 2023, with shooting then returning in January 2024 and running through April.

When we posted about production beginning, we did state that the WGA strikes would/have an adverse reaction on production with no writers being able to be on site. With the SAG-AFTRA strike going into force, the show can no longer continue as the Television AMPTP Agreement covers the show.

Posting on BlueSky (one of the many new Twitter clones that have popped up in recent months and behind an invite-only wall), Niel Gaiman confirmed that production had ceased immediately.

Following the news of the strike coming into force at midnight on July 13th, Gaiman posted:

“SAG-AFTRA strike is on. Sandman has stopped shooting completely, along with everything else that was squeaking by without writers. I hope that the AMPTP sees reason and gets back to the table with the actors and the writers. I have no reason at this point to think they will see reason.”

The Sandman joins a list of dozens of shows and movies now unable to move forward at their various stages of production. High-profile titles currently in limbo include the likes of Stranger Things and Cobra Kai.

The shutdown won’t include all shows that are filmed in the United Kingdom. Variety reported that House of the Dragon can continue due to local union rules.

For more on what we know about The Sandman season 2, check out our guide, and we’ll be keeping you posted when things get back underway.

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