What happened to Chesapeake Shores on Netflix?

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If you’re currently midway through a binge of Chesapeake Shores on Netflix, you’ll probably be disappointed to learn that the show is no longer available on the streaming service. Below, we’re going to look at why it left, whether it’ll come back and some alternatives on Netflix plus where else you can stream the show.

The series is a Canadian/American drama where our main character Abby returns to a small town after living in New York City. She has to adjust to her new life with many challenges awaiting.

Why has Chesapeake Shores left Netflix?

The show was one of the many Hallmark Channel shows streaming on Netflix but unlike some of its counterparts, the show was removed on April 11th along with lots of other shows and movies in the month of April. The first of the month was a particularly bad time for Netflix seeing the removal of much of the Fox library from the service.

Why does this happen? Well, Netflix purchases licenses from other networks usually on an annual basis. Sometimes, Netflix decides not to renewal sometimes resulting in the removal of a show or movie. This is happening constantly but particularly hurts when it’s your show that gets the pull.

Will Chesapeake Shores return to Netflix?

Unless this was a mistake removal (which are becoming increasingly rare, especially with series) then the chances are that the show is now gone for good and won’t be getting yearly updates. Season 2 is scheduled to release on Hallmark in July so unless Netflix buys up the license again before season 2 we can’t see it ever returning to Netflix. That also means that season 2 will never come to Netflix either.

Alternative Streaming

Sadly the show is not available on the other two big streaming providers but may end up streaming there  in the coming weeks. Hulu seems to be the most likely but for now, you’ll have to rent via video on demand.

As for alternatives on Netflix we have two. First up is the popular Canadian show Heartland which sees a family running a ranch and the most similar to Chesapeak Shores on Netflix is Hart of Dixie.

Are you sad to see Chesapeake Shores leave Netflix? Would you like the series to return? Let us know in the comments below.