What Netflix Will Look Like On Your TV Starting Today

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Netflix Revamp 2018

Netflix’s TV platform is getting a massive visual update in 2018 as the streaming service updates its visuals to reflect changes in watchers everchanging habits. Below, we’ll take you through some of the changes as well as pick out some of the other cool stuff Netflix is planning. 

The last time Netflix’s large screen experience was several years ago so it’s now long overdue. It’s mobile platform saw a big overhaul last year adding several cool new features. Before we break down each of the new features, let’s take a look at the GIF Netflix released today to showcase the new experience.

Why is there an update to Netflix? Well, the service likes to keep things fresh while improving the platform.

Now let’s break it down bit by bit.

New Categories on the Left

The navigation on the left is the most obvious change. At the moment on televisions, Netflix works in one continuous infinite scroll. Each scroll will reveal a new category with several new features. The same looks to apply in this new update but instead, you get to define a top-level search. We can see we can select series or movies.

Netflix Original are still going to be huge

One of the largest complaints the current setup on all devices gets is how big and prominent the Netflix Original section is. That doesn’t look to be changing here as its front and centre on the series list whereas the movies instead advertise action and adventure movies.

Netflix is FINALLY getting a dedicated what’s new section

One of the key new features a lot of publications have looked passed at the moment is the ‘new’ feature. On mobiles, the coming soon feature is welcomed and we hope the new feature works as this. Unfortunately, we do envision it being a watered down version showing only highlights. That’s cool though as it still means our What’s New on Netflix section is super valuable still!

My List becomes a main feature

Netflix really is valuing your lists so we’re excited to see it in a new section. Hopefully, the list feature will provide additional insights at a quick glance like what episode you’re up to but we’re glad it’s getting a bigger slot.

When will the new Netflix be available

As soon as today. Netflix has stated that the update is rolling across the world now.