When will ‘Mars’ Season 2 be on Netflix?

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Mars Season 2 National Geographic Netflix

Mars Season 2 – National Geographic

Mars season 1 touched down on Netflix recently, but with the second season already having aired, when will it be coming to Netflix in both the United States and abroad? Let’s take a look.

You’d be forgiven if you missed Mars when it came to Netflix on February 1st. The series dropped alongside hundreds of other titles, which also happened to be on a Friday, so most attention by Netflix would’ve been thrown onto the Originals for the day. Nevertheless, many spotted the series and dived in.

The series comes from National Geographic and merges its traditional documentary format with a future dramatization akin to a Syfy series.

Among the names involved in the project is Ron Howard, an executive producer on the show. The cast for the future segments includes Ben Cotton, Alberto Ammann, Anamaria Marinca, and Clémentine Poidatz.

Featured in the present documentary segments are Neil deGrasse Tyson, Andy Weir, Elon Musk and Kim Stanley Robinson.

Is there a season 2 of Mars?

Season 2 of Mars has been renewed and has already aired in the United States.

The second season aired on National Geographic from November 2018 to December 2018 with six new episodes.

Mars Season 2 Netflix Release Date

As of October 18th, 2019, we now know that Netflix in the United States will see the release of season 2 of Mars on November 1st, 2019.

Mars Season 2 Netflix

Mars – National Geographic

Other regions have yet to be confirmed as to when season 2 will be streaming.

However, we think National Geographic will strategically release season 2 should a third season get renewed. That means if it sticks to its current schedule, we’ll see season 2 added in September or October 2019.

Is there going to be a season 3 of Mars from National Geographic?

Looking even further ahead, will the series be getting a third season? The show’s future is looking a little sketchy at the moment, thanks to dwindling viewership numbers. What may be happening is that by shipping the series to Netflix, it can gain some additional insight into whether it’s worth producing a new season.

We’ll update this post once we hear of the release date for season 2 of Mars, but let us know below if you’re looking forward to more episodes.

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