When Will ‘Queen of the South’ Season 2 be on Netflix?

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Queen of the South has been one of the biggest breakout success of USA Network in the past few years. Netflix managed to scoop up season 1 of the show last year meaning it’ll likely now continue getting them into the future.

In case you’re not familiar with the show, Queen of the South is the story of Teresa Mendoza played by Alice Braga. In the show, Teresa is on the run from her previous life in the Mexican drug cartel. It’s been compared to as the female Breaking Bad equivalent.

Season 3 was announced for the show and is scheduled to start airing on June 21st on USA Network on Tuesdays.

Can you watch season 2 of Queen of the South on Netflix before season 3 begins airing? Yes, but it’ll ultimately depend on where you live.

All four of the major regions we cover are streaming Queen of the South, so we’ll cover the release date for each region below.

Netflix US Release Date

Last year, Netflix US was the first region to get the first season of Queen of the South. May 9th was when the series came to Netflix, and as of right now. Sadly, Netflix hasn’t announced the show to be releasing in May 2018, but we’re still expecting it to drop between now and June 2018 so you don’t have long to wait.

Netflix Australia, Canada & United Kingdom Release Date

Both Canada and the United Kingdom got the first season added last June. As a result, you can expect season 2 to land in these two regions once again in June 2018.

Australia will have the longest wait out of the four regions covered here. Season 1 was only recently added in March 2018 meaning we can expect season 2 to land in March 2019.

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