When will Season 11 of Supernatural be on Netflix?

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Update: Season 11 has been available on Netflix since October 2016. Looking for season 12 of Supernatural on Netflix?

It’s that time of the year again when hundreds flock to the internet to find out when they’ll be able to watch the latest season of Supernatural on Netflix.

Supernatural has now been running for well over a decade and continues to not only have a massive audience but a continuously growing one too. The fantasy horror show premiered on The CW in 2005 and is likely one of the main reason for the massive rise in popularity for both vampires and other supernatural beings alike. It also meant that The CW were onto a winner and as a result, The Vampire Diaries were born.

The show focuses upon two brothers who follow in their father’s footsteps in hunting down evil supernatural beings that plague their world. The show manages to balance the right amount of action, horror and even romance to formulate a truly powerful show that keeps you coming after more and more.

What you’re really here for is to learn of the release date of Supernatural season 11 onto Netflix. Let’s figure that out. The first thing we need to look at to determine the release date of the show is to look at the broadcast schedule for the show to see if it aligns up with previous years. It absolutely does having the exact broadcast period on The CW as it has done for many years before.

The second thing to do is to look at its release schedule previously on Netflix and also take a look at the network’s relationship with the streaming service. The answer for that has been in October for the past few years now. Supernatural along with a new season of Arrow which also resides under The CW’s umbrella arrived on October 7th, 2015. This fact alone leads us to believe that you will able to stream season 11 of Supernatural on Netflix from October 2016.

The only thing preventing this release date window is the fact that CBS officials have stated their intention to create their own streaming service for The CW. While not much has been said since the initial talks, any possibility of a separate streaming service would inevitably pull Supernatural along with all the other CW shows from Netflix all together. This is still developing and far from being fact but it’s something to bare in mind.