When will Season 2 of ‘Love and Punishment’ be on Netflix?

Kasey Moore What's on Netflix Avatar

Love & Punishment is among the many Turkish series on Netflix and with the first season dropping on Netflix in 2017, many will be wondering (and constantly asking us) when the second season of the Turkish love series will be on Netflix. 

When we cover shows on What’s on Netflix we usually pick the big Western shows that we know is going to be popular. Increasingly however and this is a testament to the power of Netflix opening up a wider range of TV series, foreign shows are the most requested shows given that Netflix is typically the only way to watch them.

62 episodes in total were released for the show and is about a 29-year-old woman who works in an advertising company. It tells the story of her partners love affair and how she came about moving on.

As you may know, if you’ve done some research on the show, there are two seasons in total that were released in Turkey back in 2010 and 2011. Netflix is currently only carrying the first season as of present.

With all three Netflix regions getting new episodes last year, we suspect that the show will be renewing around the same time. That means you can expect the second and final season of Love and Punishment added to Netflix in December 2017 with the US, Australia and United Kingdom all around the same time.

There are currently other ways to watch season 2 but sadly not with coherent English subtitles or dubs meaning you’ll need to learn Turkish to enjoy it as is.

Let us know if you’re watching Love & Punishment on Netflix and if you want to see season 2 on Netflix.