When will Season 3 of The Originals be on Netflix?

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The CW show The Originals has been on Netflix since the beginning with new seasons coming in a timely fashion every year but when exactly will season 3 of The Originals arrive on Netflix? Using our knowledge we can determine the answer to that very questions.

The blood relative of The Vampire Diaries began airing on The CW in October 2013 when audiences fell in love with the Mikaelson family and decided to create a spin-off to explore the supernatural politics within their family in their hometown of New Orleans. Although the show is very much a part of The Vampire Diaries and encourages you to be invested in both shows, The Originals very much stands upon its own two feet. With three seasons in on CW, a web-series called The Awakening and a novel series too, the show signs no sign of slowing down making it an ample time to get into the universe. Of course, Netflix is a great place for doing just that and as of right now, two seasons of the show are available on the service.

Season 3. When is it coming to Netflix? Well to source this information we have to look at a few things. Firstly it’s air time and how it differs (if at all) compared against the previous seasons. In this case, the show has aired roughly on the same date in October and finishes in May. Season 3 is following the tradition of 22 episodes a season and is likely to wrap up on The CW on May 20th, 2016. No disruption there, let’s look at the next bit.

We then look at the release schedule for The Originals and The CW content on Netflix and that’s when we’re able to make a pretty much guaranteed release date of season 3 of The Originals on Netflix. That’s because every year in October, the whole CW catalog on Netflix gets an update meaning that we can expect that both the third season of The Originals and indeed the latest season of The Vampire Diaries will be streaming on the service for your viewing pleasure.

But wait just a second, there may be some news that could put a stop to this release schedule. That news is the rumors and at this point, they are just rumors, of CBS (CW’s parent company) planning on releasing all of its CW content on a brand new streaming service of its own. This would of course mean that not only would season 3 of The Originals not come to Netflix but that it’d be removed entirely. We don’t think Netflix is going to let this along with the other CW shows go, but watch this space.

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