When will Season 5 of Person of Interest be on Netflix?

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What a rocky road season 5 has had to coming to fruition. After months of uncertainty CBS finally announced that our favorite Person of Interest would be getting a final season and for the past few weeks, they’ve been airing on CBS. It’s ultimately a massive shame that the show is in its fifth and final season but given the rocky road it took to get here, it’s unsurprising it’s finished.

The series is hailed as a back to basics crime thriller that delivered a thrilling episode that you don’t need to watch all in a row to really get to grips with. The show delivers a basic premise where each episode, a machine designed to predict murders digs out a social security number where you’re either in danger or the danger. The overarching story arc throughout the series is the relationship between John Reese and Harold Finch. We also have dealings with crooked cops, straight cops and all kinds of other trouble.

Season 5 promised to up the ante and give the show the send-off it deserved and from what I’ve heard, it’s delivering that in spades. CBS said that the final season will be most intense season yet but like most, we’re holding out until season 5 of Person of Interest lands on Netflix. So when will that be? Let’s take a look.

Usually Netflix and its contract works in yearly contracts but because of the nature of this last season it makes it harder to predict when the last season will join the Netflix library. From seasons 1 to 4 we’ve always had new episode airing in September and for the most part had between 22 and 23 episodes. Every year, we’ve had new seasons on Netflix added in September but season 4 bucked that trend and was added on December 30th 2015.

Season 5 only had 13 episodes and aired in May 2016 rather than the expected September 2015. This makes it particularly hard to predict when we’ll get a new season but given that it fits, we think that December 2016 will be a sound bet as to when it’ll arrive. With that said, we could see it arrive even sooner than that.

There’s also a possibility that CBS yanks the show entirely given CBS’s increasing preference to its own streaming service, CBS All Access. We hope that doesn’t happen but we’re just giving you a heads up.