Will ‘Cooking on High’ come back for Season 2 on Netflix?

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The world’s first weed cooking show is now available on Netflix and if you’re wondering whether it’ll be returning for a second season, you’ve come to the right place. Sit back and light one up as we look into the series future on Netflix.

As the world changes its opinion on weed, everyone is trying to make money out of it and Netflix is no different. Having produced multiple shows and series based on the drug, there’s no denying Netflix is on board. Cooking on High takes it to the next level as it pits contestants against each other to produce all manner of good surrounding the plant.

Twelve episodes made up the debut series of Cooking on High on Netflix which released on June 23rd.

Season 2 Renewal Status

Renewal Status: Not yet renewed (Last update: 06/23/2018)

Some reality series sometimes get multi-season orders but that’s not been the case with Cooking on High. Given the relative cost of these reality TV shows compared to big-budget dramas such as Stranger Things or The Crown.

We’re fully expecting there to be a season 2 of Cooking on High.

With that, all said we must make a concession. Netflix’s other big stoner show which was a comedy series starring Cathy Bates only managed to get one season under its belt before it was pulled with low viewing figures and low viewing figures.

Should ‘Cooking on High’ get renewed for season 2?

Typically, we just cover a show objectively but we’re going to add a bit of opinion here. We don’t think Cooking on High should get renewed. It diminishes the type of reality TV Netflix should be producing when you look at the high calibre offerings such as Chef’s Table just for example. That’s just our opinion though, what do you think?

When would season 2 of Cooking on High be on Netflix?

Reality TV tends to not run on a traditional yearly basis on Netflix instead opting for shorter intervals just because of how little production these shows take. In which case, we’d expect (if season 2 does get renewed) that a new season could be here as soon as Christmas. If it does stick to a yearly schedule, expect season 2 to arrive in June 2019.

Would you like to see ‘Cooking on High’ return for season 2? Is there a reason this is a world’s first title? Let us know down below.

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