Will ‘Dark Phoenix’ be on Netflix?

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Dark Phoenix Netflix

Dark Phoenix – Copyright. 20th Century Fox

3 years on from the X-Men: Apocalypse, the penultimate X-Men film by FOX has finally arrived in cinemas. With Disney’s acquisition of FOX, we know now that Dark Phoenix is the very last in the franchise until the characters inevitably arrive in the MCU. The biggest question on people’s minds have is “will Dark Phoenix be coming to Netflix?” Probably not. Here’s why.

Dark Phoenix is an American Superhero film based on the comic book characters of Marvel’s X-Men. In the 20 year history that FOX has been associated with the franchise, Dark Phoenix is the 12th film of the series. Upon release, the film has been overwhelmingly disappointing at the box office. With the film costing 20th Century Fox $200 million to produce, Dark Phoenix is on course to lose millions.

During the battle against the ancient mutant Apocalypse, the young members of the X-Men showcased how powerful they are, especially Jean Grey. A few years later and the X-Men are a full-fledged team once again. But when the team is on a life-threatening mission to save a group of astronauts, Jean heroically attempts to save every last man but in the process is struck by a cosmic force. Imbued with the powers of the Phoenix, Jean’s personality begins to change as her powers grow. As her powers spiral out of her control, the entire planet is at risk. With Jean becoming one of the greatest threats the X-Men have ever faced, it’ll be that much harder when the X-Men must come face to face against one of their own.

Will Dark Phoenix be coming to Netflix US?

Hulu will be the first home for Dark Phoenix and will likely stay that platform for the foreseeable future. With Disney’s acquisition of FOX that included the share, the entertainment giant had in Hulu.

With Disney intending to utilize the streaming service, it makes sense for them to populate the library with content from 20th Century Fox. Once Disney moves the X-Men into the MCU we’d expect the next set of X-Men films to land on the Disney+ streaming service that they intend to release.

What about other regions?

There’s a chance that Dark Phoenix could arrive on Netflix UK but the wait will be long. Typically Sky and Now TV get access to the latest cinematic releases to which the films will spend a limited amount of time on the platform. Once that license ends, the likeliest home is Netflix UK.

For Canadian fans, Dark Phoenix will likely be available to stream on Crave. Our evidence to support this speculation is the fact that Deadpool 2 is streaming on the service.

In Australia, there’s every chance Dark Phoenix will arrive on Netflix but with the growing list of services available in the country, it’s up for debate. Like Canada, if we are to go off the status of Deadpool 2 then Dark Phoenix will arrive on Fetch.

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