Will ‘Fosse/Verdon’ be coming to Netflix?

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Fosse Verdon Netflix Release


Fosse/Verdon is one of the new debut shows for FX in 2019 but its streaming plans aren’t yet fully known around the world. Could Netflix get Fosse/Verdon streaming as it does with a few other FX hits? Let’s dive into the streaming plans for the Emmy nominated show.

The new miniseries from FX aired between April and May 2019 across eight episodes. It tells the biographical story of Bobe Fosse and Gwen Verdon who are a creative pair who worked on Broadway shows together. Sam Rockwell (who appears on Netflix’s F is for Family) and Michelle Williams (yet to appear in a Netflix Original title) star.

It’s been a huge hit for FX picking up 17 Emmies for the show.

Will Fosse/Verdon be on Netflix US?

In the United States, the series is distributed by FX as you know. FX is owned by Fox which is now under the banner of Disney. In most cases, Disney has iterated that most of the FX shows are earmarked for Hulu. At the moment, the series is only available on FX Now and FX Plus (soon to be shut down).

Despite FX’s connection to Disney and Hulu, Netflix still gets some of its shows although there’s an important footnote. Most to all of the FX shows Netflix still carries in the US have Ryan Murphy (someone who is working with Netflix exclusively soon) involved. This title does not.

Like Mayans M.C. (now into its second season) the show will likely go wherever it does and that’s probably Hulu.

Should it come to Netflix, we wouldn’t expect it to release until early 2020.

Fosse/Verdon on Netflix UK?

FX carries some big shows on Netflix in the UK but thanks to a new partnership since the end of 2018 with the BBC, it’s been earmarked for that platform. Thanks to TVwise, we know that season 1 is due to begin on the BBC from August 2019.

Many European countries and Asia received Pose from FX recently but no Netflix region carries Mayans. That’s why we’re currently predicting that the show won’t be appearing in any capacity in any Netflix region.

We’ll update this post once we learn more on the shows future streaming plans but for now, you’ll have to find other avenues to watch the show.

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