Will ‘The Darkest Mind’ be on Netflix?

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The Darkest Minds Netflix

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The Darkest Minds has now been out in cinemas for a number of weeks and has scraped by in the box office. The new movie shares an executive producer with one of Netflix’s main shows Stranger Things so many will want to know whether The Darkest Minds will come to Netflix.

The connection The Darkest Minds has to Netflix is that it had Shawn Levy at the helm who is mostly known for his involvement in Netflix’s sci-fi series Stranger Things. One of the movies main selling points was the fact it was produced by the producer of Stranger Things. Shawn Levy is mostly known for his work on sci-fi titles with other titles in his body of work including the popular movie Arrival and series Last Man Standing.

Unfortunately, it does look as though the movie bombed both commercially and critically. The movie managed to earn back its budget but only just. Likewise, its IMDb score sits at 5.5 and Metascore at 39.

Will The Darkest Minds be on Netflix in the United States?

Although The Darkest Minds may eventually come to Netflix, it won’t be arriving in the next year or so. That’s because 20th Century Fox has an existing arrangement for HBO to air and stream all future movies all the way up until 2022.

Not all movies are excluded from Netflix, its animated titles do come to Netflix such as Rio 2, Mr Peaboy and Sherman and How to Train Your Dragon 2.

We went back through the back catalogue of 20th Century Fox titles and couldn’t find any live action titles that were on Netflix.

Will other Netflix regions get The Darkest Minds?

Netflix Canada is the main region which seems to get new 20th Century Fox movies but it’s not guaranteed. Should they get The Darkest Minds it’ll be in early to mid-2019.

Netflix in the United Kingdom won’t be first in line either as Sky (part owned by 20th Century Fox) gets their new movies first.

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