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There’s nothing like a good documentary to blow your mind, make you angry, and then feel inspired to change the world. Seaspiracy, one of Netflix’s newest environmental documentaries, ticks all those boxes. If you’ve already devoured it, there are plenty more rage-inspiring documentaries where that one came from. 

Over 90 minutes, Seaspiracy documentary paints a terrifying picture of the damage that humans wreak on the world’s oceans. The movie is produced by Kip Anderson and the team behind the influential 2014 documentary movie, Cowspiracy. If you can happily eat fish after watching this, you probably weren’t paying very close attention.

If you’re looking for more documentaries like Seaspiracy, keep reading to find out our top picks, and why you should watch them…

Cowspiracy (2014)

If you didn’t watch it before diving into Seaspiracy, we definitely recommend checking out its predecessor, Cowspiracy. 

The movie takes a detailed look at the impact of animal agriculture on our planet, and not without controversy. Cowspiracy claims that the impact of the meat (specifically beef) industry is worse for the environment than fossil fuel emissions. Watch and make up your own mind, but it certainly presents a very compelling argument.

Brave Blue World (2020) / A Plastic Ocean (2016)

If you’re ready to feel even angrier about the way we mistreat the planet’s water sources, Brave Blue World and A Plastic Ocean are two spot-on picks.

Brave Blue World delivers some unexpectedly terrifying home truths about our misuse of H20. Across 50 minutes, the documentary explains how we are wasting and destroying our natural water supplies: by 2040, most of the world will experience water shortages, even though there should be more than enough to go around. Narrated by Liam Neeson (Taken, Schindler’s List), Brave Blue World also features actor Matt Damon in his capacity as co-founder of the charity

In a similar vein, A Plastic Ocean takes an uncomfortable look at society’s throwaway relationship with plastic. On a mission to film the elusive Blue Whale, documentarian Craig Leeson instead stumbles upon a mess of plastic floating about in the ocean. The movie takes us to various locations across the world, examining how plastic pollution in the high seas is harming wildlife, the environment, our health, and the future.

Blackfish (2013)

We conclude our trio of ocean-themed documentaries with Blackfish: a movie that will make you think long and hard about parks like SeaWorld.

The movie centers on Tilikum, a captive orca that has been involved in the accidental deaths of three people. More broadly, Blackfish examines the ethics (and safety concerns) of keeping large marine mammals in captivity.

The Pharmacist (Limited Series)

This four-part true-crime series landed back in 2020, and follows a small-town pharmacist, Dan Schneider, as he attempts to investigate the murder of his son. In 1999, Danny Scheider was killed while purchasing crack cocaine. In his mission to uncover the truth, the pharmacist ends up investigating one of New Orlean’s biggest ‘pill mills’: an illegal facility where people can collect opioid pharmaceuticals without a prescription.

Dirty Money (2 Seasons)

There’s some shady stuff going on in the world of finance. Dirty Money explores the vast and murky world of white-collar crime, including topics such as the Volkswagon emissions scandal, payday loans, stock market manipulation, cover-ups, heists, and cartels. Oh, and Mr. Donald Trump and his cronies make several appearances. The world’s elite has got a lot to answer for…

The Bleeding Edge (2018)

The Bleeding Edge is honestly one of the most emotive and astounding documentaries we’ve seen in recent years (and not for nice reasons). The 100-minute documentary movie takes a deep look at the billion-dollar medical device industry. Featuring emotive testimonies from patients who have suffered greatly due to faulty or inappropriate medical devices, this is really a harrowing tale of what happens when healthcare becomes the victim of capitalism.

The Social Dilemma

Think about all the apps, games, and social networking sites that are free to use. Can’t see where these companies make their money? Chances are, it’s your data that’s the product, and it’s being sold off to other organizations. The Social Dilemma uses the docudrama format to educate viewers about what’s really going on at some of the world’s biggest social media companies, and the impact these sites can have on our lives and health. Featuring testimonials from ex-employees at social media companies, doctors, data scientists, and academics, The Social Dilemma makes a compelling case for at least limiting screen time and turning off those notifications.

13th (2016)

Examining the “intersection of race, justice, and mass incarceration in the United States”, this documentary movie should be essential viewing for everyone.

The title comes from the 13th amendment to the US constitution, which abolished slavery in 1865, except as a punishment for a convicted crime. Think about that: across the United States, prisoners are being used as slaves, and it’s totally legal. The movie argues that this fact is why America’s prisoner population is disproportionately people of color. Watch it, and get angry.

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