When will Season 13 of Supernatural be on Netflix?

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Supernatural season 13

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The first season of Supernatural debuted on CW all the way back in 2005, and since then the show has released a total of 288 episodes, spanning over 13 series. Even though the show started 12 years ago, there are still a lot of seasons left. But when will the 13th be available to stream on Netflix?

Over the years Supernatural can changed and developed considerably compared to the first season, but this has not deterred fans. The show is perfect for anyone who loves Action, Drama and Horror all rolled into one, and follows the two Winchester Brothers (Sam and Dean) as they drive across America Hunting and exterminating all manners of Evil creatures, anything from Spirits, Werewolves, Demons and even ancient Gods.

The show has been nominated for 3 Primetime Emmys and ever since episode 23 of season 12 ended fans have been waiting patiently for the announcement of season 13.

Season 13 USA Release Date

As seen above in the very recently released 13th season trailer, the show will premiere on The CW on October 12th. We know from previous years that American Netflix and The CW have a special deal, where 8 days after the season finale concludes on The CW the entire season will become available on Netflix.

Currently, 12 seasons of Supernatural are streamable on American Netflix and we can estimate that the 13th should be available by the 25th May for you to binge at your desire.

If we get any news regarding this arrangement changing in any way, we will be sure to update the article immediately.

Other Regions

As for Regions outside the USA, we can only go by whats happened in the past. Usually, it is around a period of eight months between the release on The CW and the release on Netflix. That brings us to a rough release date of June 2018.

Currently, if you are in the United Kingdom Supernatural is not available to stream on Netflix, but you do have other options, including Google Play, iTunes and Amazon Instant Video.

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