When will Season 2 of ‘Buddy Thunderstruck’ be on Netflix?

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The first season of Buddy Thunderstruck released on the 10th of March 2017. It is produced by American Greetings Entertainment, and is a unique Stop-motion family, comedy, based around ‘Buddy Thunderstruck’ an American truck racing dog who has an appetite for anything with speed! Even though the show is primarily aimed at kids, there are signs that the older generations (that are still truly kids at heart) will enjoy this series.

The series takes place in ‘Greasepit’, a small rural town that’s inhabited by all sorts of talking Animals including Boars, Rabbits, Horses, Chickens, Racoons, and many others. The show focuses of a Super-cool, slick, semi-truck racer named Buddy Thunderstruck (voiced by Brian Atkinson) and his ferret sidekick mechanic. Buddy is extremely competitive and will not except losing to anyone. His cool and a little reckless style is refreshing when it comes to children’s TV shows, that are often washed over with overly save morale messages for children, but the show definitely is not a bad influence.

The first series took almost two years to complete, but this ensures that the show looks amazing, with its depth of field, and warm, but soft feel. Many fans have already been attracted to this show since it’s recent release, but that leaves many people wondering when they will be granted access to the next season.

The average wait time between Animated series is about six months, but because of its very time-consuming style of animation, we will probably be looking more towards a year, unfortunately. We will be surprised if the second season of this Netflix Original is not released by March 2018.

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