‘Forensic Files’ Leaving Netflix in January 2022

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forensic files leaving netflix in early january 2022

Forensic Files – Picture: Trifecta Entertainment & Media

True-crime documentary fans will want to get binging on Forensic Files as all nine seasons are currently set to expire from Netflix in the United States come January 1st, 2022.

The show which swapped networks throughout its airing between 1996 to 2011, is a true-crime documentary series that originally was known as Medical Detectives.

Created by Paul Dowling, the show followed detectives and crime lab technicians who use the latest and most fascinating procedures to solve crimes.

Almost 400 episodes were produced throughout the lifetime of the show with Netflix carrying 376 of them across the 9 collections available. Forensic Files has been streaming on Netflix US (no other region carries the show) since early 2017.

The first day of the New Year always brings with it big removals from Netflix but the US is getting off fairly light this year, at least when it comes to TV shows. There are currently over 150 titles expiring from Netflix US on January 1st so get watching.

If you’re wondering why Forensic Files is leaving it comes down to how Netflix acquires a lot of its content. In a lot of cases, it licenses titles to stream for a fixed period of time. With content providers in many cases looking to claw back licenses to feed other streaming services, they let titles lapse from Netflix. Likewise, Forensic Files may not be doing the numbers for Netflix and they decide it’s better to invest that money elsewhere.

forensic files netflix

Forensic Files – Picture: Trifecta Entertainment & Media

Where will Forensic Files stream next after leaving Netflix?

The good news is that options for where to stream Forensic Files after they depart from Netflix seem to be plentiful.

Assuming it’s not set to leave the other locations it’s currently streaming come the New Year, all 14 seasons of Forensic Files should remain on Peacock in both the free ad-supported tier or the premium tier.

It’s also available on a slew of AVOD platforms whether that be The Roku Channel, Pluto TV, or Fubo.

As you may know too, HBO Max has rebooted the show of sorts in recent months with the release of Forensic Files II which is dubbed as an HLN Original Series.

Netflix has plenty of true crime for you to delve into to act as a replacement including Unsolved Mysteries which arguably has the largest overlap with Forensic Files.

Will you miss Forensic Files when it leaves Netflix in the US in January 2022? Let us know in the comments down below.

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