Netflix Original Series ’21 Thunder’ Leaving in March 2022

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21 thunder leaving netflix in march 2022

21 Thunder – Picture: CBC Television

The Canadian kid’s soccer show 21 Thunder will soon be departing Netflix around the globe with all eight episodes scheduled to leave the streaming service on March 1st, 2022.

21 Thunder first aired on CBC, a Canadian TV network in the summer of 2017. The deal for Netflix to carry the show was announced back in 2018 with every episode joining Netflix globally (excluding Canada where it’s not been made available in any capacity) on March 1st, 2018.

The TV drama is akin to the likes of All American from The CW and follows a team of under-21 soccer players in Montreal coping with the triumphs and challenges on and off the field in the hopes to eventually make it to the big time.

21 Thunder was created by Adrian Wills, Kenneth Hirsch, and Riley Adams and starred Andres Joseph, Clark Backo, Colm Feore, Conrad Pla, Cristina Rosato, and Eileen Li.

Eight episodes were produced in total for its first season with a second never coming to fruition.

An unverified Tweet from what reports to be 21 Thunder’s account stated back in January 2019 that season 2 of 21 Thunder was in development. While this may or may not have been true, now 3 years later and with its Netflix removal, it seems unlikely we’ll ever see the show return.

Why is 21 Thunder leaving Netflix?

But if Netflix has the show exclusive, why is it leaving?

This is a common misconception with Netflix shows and movies in that the streaming giant doesn’t actually own some of its shows and movies despite them being labeled as Netflix Originals (particularly when it concerns their earlier lineup).

Now, four years later, the license for the show is up despite being exclusive. This happens with many shows that were distributed by Netflix in this way as we’ve been catalogging here.

Will you be checking out 21 Thunder before it leaves Netflix in March 2022? Let us know in the comments down below.

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