‘Parks and Recreation’ Leaving Netflix in October 2020

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Parks And Recreation Soon Leaving Netflix

Parks and Recreation – Picture: NBC

It appears that Parks and Recreation will soon be following The Office in leaving Netflix over the next year or so as NBC preps its own upcoming streaming service called Peacock. Here’s what we know thus far and when Parks and Recreation is scheduled to leave Netflix. 

Another day and another loss for Netflix who is desperately trying to keep and gain licenses in the streaming wars which is going to the extreme over the next year or so. With everyone scrambling to catch up to Netflix, they’re looking to yank their hits away from the likes of Netflix onto their platform.

So far, we’ve seen major losses for Netflix in the form of several NBC shows. In January 2021, Netflix is set to lose The Office and in January 2020, Friends is due to depart heading for HBO Max.

Unfortunately, the next show to leave Netflix from NBC is Parks and Recreation.

The comedy starring Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope is a massive fan-favorite and ran on NBC between 2009 and 2015.

Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, they unveiled the new and rather confusing NBC platform called Peacock and announced that all seven seasons of Parks and Recreation are due to leave in October 2020. Based on our library research, the show is due to leave on October 1st, 2020.

Netflix isn’t the only provider who will be losing the show either. Both Hulu and Amazon currently carry the show too who will both see it leave their libraries next year.

We don’t know if Netflix offered more money to NBC Universal like it did with The Office to retain or come up with a deal where it could stream on both platforms.

Is Parks and Recreation leaving Netflix globally?

Sadly, Parks and Recreation is only streaming on Netflix in the United States. No other region currently carries it with Amazon Prime in most regions carrying the show instead. Peacock isn’t currently due to arrive in international regions just yet.

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