‘Shaman King: Flowers’ Anime Coming to Netflix Globally in April 2024

Shaman King sequel Shaman King: Flowers is coming to Netflix in April 2024.

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Shaman King Flowers Anime Coming To Netflix In April 2024

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The sequel to the Shaman King story, Shaman King: Flowers, is coming to Netflix in April 2024!

Shaman King: Flowers is a Japanese anime series and adaptation of the manga by author Hiroyuki Takei. It is the sequel to the original Shaman King.

When is Shaman King: Flowers coming to Netflix?

On the Netflix app or your web browser, Shaman King: Flowers is listed as coming to Netflix on April 21st, 2024.

You can set a reminder for yourself for when the anime series lands on Netflix.

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The arrival of Shaman King: Flowers is one of several exciting new arrivals on Netflix in April 2024.

What is the plot of Shaman King: Flowers?

The story takes place years after the events of Shaman King, following the exploits of Asakura Yoh’s son, Asakura Hana;

“Hana has grown up to become a lazy and brutal kid. He does not care about his studies, skips classes often, gets into gang fights, and feels very bored of his everyday life. All that changes when members of the branch Asakura Family—Yohane and Luca—arrive to challenge and kill Hana and his father Yoh to take their place as the main house. Hana begins to learn about the upcoming “Flower of Maize”, which is a proxy battle among the Shaman Kings.”

What is the episode count?

Shaman King: Flowers has an episode count of 13.

Are you looking forward to watching Shaman King: Flowers on Netflix?

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