Better Than Us Season 1: First Russian Original, Netflix Release Date, Plot, Cast and Trailer

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As Netflix moves deeper and deeper into the global market, the streaming service’s next stop is Russia. With the addition of Better Than Us marks the very first Russian Original for Netflix. We have everything you need to know on Better Than Us including the Netflix release date, plot, cast & trailer.

Better Than Us is a Russian Netflix Original sci-fi series created by Andrey Junkovsky. The series is the very first Russian Original licensed by Netflix.

What is the plot for Better Than Us?

In the not too distant future Robots are apart of day to day life. Attending to the needs of their human masters, the robots perform duties such as personal drivers, raise children, security and even lovers. In the eyes of the public, most “Bots” are considered to be soulless and lifeless machines only good for the work they are programmed to do. Unbeknownst to the humans many of the robots have learnt how to emote and can think and feel empathy.

Arisa, the latest model of a new generation of robots is one of the most advanced yet. Far more powerful than anyone could have expected, Arisa’s intelligence goes far beyond the mind of a human. After Arisa murders, an employee of CRONOS, the corporation, the authorities and even terrorists begin hunting her. Hiding in plain sight, Arisa joins a dysfunctional family.

Who is in the cast of Better Than Us?

The following cast members have been confirmed for Better Than Us:

RoleCharacter DescriptionCast MemberWhere Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
ArisaEmpathic bot of the new generationPaulina AndreevaThe Method | Dar World 2: Equilibrium | Sarancha
Gregory N. SafronovPathologist, former surgeon, father of Egor and SonyaKirill KyaroNyukhach | Liquidation
Viktor ToropovHead of CRONOS CorporationAleksandr UstyugovMentovskie voyny
Alla SafronovaGeorgy’s ex-wifeOlga LomonosovaKobra. Antiterror | Dvazhdy v odnu reku
Yegor SafronovaGeorgy’s and Alla’s sonEldar Kalimulin14+ | So dna vershiny | The Search
Sonya SafronovaGeorgy’s and Alla’s daughterVita KornienkoIkariya | Severnoe siyanie | Spacewalk
BarsA barman in the club “Liquidators” , Zhanna’s brotherAleksandr KuznetsovBolshaya poeziya | Why Don’t You Just Die! | Kotyol
Zhanna BarsenevaA waitress in the “Liquidators” Club , Bars’s sisterVera PanfilovaGulyay, Vasya! | Yolki 1914 | Startap
GlebSpecialist for special assignments of the company CRONOSFedor LavrovPaper Soldier | 977 | Malchiki + Devochki = |
Alexey Stepanovich LosevHead of the State Duma Committee on Cyber Security, father of Svetlana ToropovaSergey SosnovskyMetro | To Live! | Odin vdokh
Igor MaslovskyTechnical Director in CRONOS CorporationPavel VorozhtsovLiquidation | Break Loose | The Fidelity
Svetlana ToropovaVictor’s wifeIrina TarannikRain in May | A Picture to Remember | Stroyka
Anatoly SvetovHead of the police department on fighting cybercrimeSergey KolesnikovA Good Day to Die Hard | Black Sea | Tolko vdvoyom
Pavel Borisovich VarlamovAn investigator in the cybercrime department, a former employee of the slaughter departmentKirill PolukhinSpacewalk | The Major | The Alien Girl

Are there any images or stills for Better Than Us?

As Better Than Us is licensed by Netflix there is already plenty of still and images for the series:

All images are courtesy of BYW Group.

How many episodes will Better Than Us debut?

The first season will arrive with eight episodes.

What are the episode run times?

Each episode is approximately 45 minutes long.

Will an English dub be available?

Going by trailer below, an English dub will definitely be available to subscribers. We recommend subscribers watch the series in the show’s native Russian tongue and use English subtitles instead.

Has Netflix released a trailer for Better Than Us?

Netflix hasn’t released their own trailer despite the fact a trailer can be viewed on the Netflix website and app.

We were able to find a trailer on YouTube.

When is the release date for Better Than Us?

Better Than Us arrives on the 16th of August!

Will Better Than Us be available in my region?

The only region not receiving Better Than Us is Russia. The sci-fi will be acknowledged as an original for the rest of the regions with Netflix.

What time will Green Frontier be on Netflix?

The following table below are the times that Better Than Us will be available to stream in the different regions across the world:

Time ZoneTime available to stream
Pacific Standard Time12:00 AM
Mountain Standard Time1:00 AM
Central Standard Time2:00 AM
Eastern Standard Time3:00 AM
British Summer Time8:00 AM
Central European Time9:00 AM
Eastern European Time10:00 AM
India Standard Time12:30 PM
Japan Standard Time16:00 PM
Australian Eastern Time18:00 PM
New Zealand Day Light Time20:00 PM

Netflix releases all of its latest titles from Midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time). This means for anyone living in regions the other side of the world have to wait until the evening before titles are available to stream.

When will the second season be coming to Netflix?

There is a second season of Better Than Us but it’s unclear when it will be coming to Netflix.

Due to the lack of information online we’re not even sure it has aired in Russia yet.

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