‘Chastity High’ Japanese Teen Drama Series: August 2024 Release & What We Know So Far

Japanese teen-drama series Chastity High is coming to Netflix in August 2024.

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Chasity High Japanese Netflix Drama Preview

Picture: Chastity High – Netflix

The Japanese teen romance drama Chastity High is coming to Netflix in August 2024. The series stars Miakami Ai from Yu Yu Hakusho and former idol Miyase Ryubi.

Chastity High, previously known as Renai Battle Royale, is an upcoming Japanese Netflix Original teen-drama series co-written by Shonozaki Yuka and Shuto Rin. Three directors, Yasukawa Yuka, Matsumoto Soushi, and Ota Ryo, share directing duties for the series.

When is Chastity High coming to Netflix?

On your web browser or the Netflix app, Chastity High is currently listed as coming to Netflix on August 29th, 2024.

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Release date for Chasity High in Netflix App

What is the plot of Chastity High?

Despite their finances, Arisawa Yuichika’s mother enrolls her in an elite girls’ high school. In her second year, the school merges with an all-boys school for the first time; however, immediately, the school enacts a rule prohibiting any dating between boys and girls. Anyone caught engaging in sexual intercourse will be expelled, and when the student council begins hunting for the rule breakers, soon, many students are forced to drop out of school.

Thanks to the debt left behind by her mother’s ex-husband, Yuichika has no choice but to work as a “love keeper,” accepting money from strangers but erasing any evidence of her activities or risk expulsion. Having given up on love, it is thanks to the arrival of a new student, Maki Ryogo, that sparks fly, and Yuichika gains the courage to sue the school and demand that the ban on romance be lifted.

Who are the cast members of Chastity High?

So far, only two cast members of Chastity High have been confirmed, Miakami Ai and Miyase Ryubi.

Mikami Ai plays the role of Arisawa Yuichika. The actress was recently seen in the live-action adaptation of Yu Yu Hakusho as Yukina and in Trapped Lemming as Shiraishi Mieko. Outside of Netflix, she has held leading roles in dramas such as Ojogiwa no Imi wo Shire!, Liar: Surechigau Koi, and Liar.

Executive Producer Makiko Okano had the following to say about the casting of Mikami;

“She initially had a neutral presence, but once she began acting, the power of her eyes amazed me. I thought she would be a perfect fit to embody the strength required to fight for what you want under difficult circumstances. I was also impressed by how innocent and endearing she was during a romantic scene audition. Both the director and I were immediately charmed by her, and we decided she just had to be our Ichica!”

Mikami Ai Chasity High Japanese Netflix Drama

Picture: Mikami Ai as Yukina in Yu Yu Hakusho (left) and Shiraishi Mieko in Trapped Lemming (right) – Netflix

Miyase Ryubi plays the role of Maki Ryogo. The actor has yet to star in a Netflix Original but is most well known for his leading roles in dramas such as Ikemen-do: Minan Gakuen Monogatariand Murai no Koi. He has also held supporting roles in dramas such as Host Sozoku ShichaimashitaParipi Komei, and Night Doctor.

Okano also had the following to say about Ryubi’s casting;

 “Maki is the total opposite of Ichica in that he’s not a typical good student. We needed an actor who could authentically portray how his character changes after falling in love. Miyase caught our attention because of his ability to charm audiences across a wide range of roles.”

Miyase Ryubi Chasity High Japanese Netflix Drama

Picture: Miyase Ryubi

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