‘Fear Street: Prom Queen’ Netflix Movie: Full Cast & Everything We Know So Far

The cast and director of the follow-up standalone Fear Street movie have now been confirmed.

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Fear Street Prom Queen Netflix Movie Everything We Know

Picture: R. L. Stine

Since the first Fear Street trilogy hit Netflix back in 2021, rumors have been constantly flying about a long-awaited sequel, and finally, one is coming to Netflix. Set to adapt the 15th book from R.L. Stine’s vast library, here’s everything we know about Netflix’s Fear Street: Prom Queen

As a quick recap, Fear Street Parts One, Two, and Three were all released on Netflix over the summer of 2021, having previously been set up in development at 20th Century Fox.

Please note: This article was first published on January 10th, 2024 – it has since been updated with the latest information.

The Road to Fear Street: Prom Queen on Netflix

As mentioned above, the road to getting a fourth movie has been long. Rumors of a fourth movie began floating as soon as the main trilogy had concluded.  Bloody Disgusting first reported in July 2022 that multiple movies were in deep development, with scooper Jeff Sneider at Above the Line backing that up months later. The news also included that Chloe Okuno was being eyed for the director’s role. Okuno is best known for Watcher, V/H/S/94, and Let the Right One In.

In late 2023, we got another update for a new Fear Street movie in a wind-ranging interview with Collider. The site’s editor-in-chief, Steven Weintraub, spoke to Netflix’s head of film, Scott Stuber, about a slew of projects in November 2023. When asked about Fear Street, Stuber confirmed the film was still moving forward and would be a standalone.

“There’s one stand-alone that we’re working on right now that we’re once again trying to get the script right, but I like it very much, and so does the team. So I feel like if we can get that script right there would be a great kind of extension of that franchise.”

We then reported in January 2024 that the new movie’s production was gearing up and would begin shortly. In addition, we learned the new film would cover the 15th Fear Street book, Prom Queen.

R.L. Stine followed up with a Tweet confirming the news:

Who’s behind Fear Street: Prom Queen on Netflix?

We first reported on January 31st that Matt Palmer, best known for his underrated Netflix horror Calibre, released a new movie in 2018 and would be directing the feature. He’s co-written the new film alongside Donald McLeary.

Matt Palmer Directing Fear Street Prom Queen

Picture: IMDb

Per Netflix, Yvonne Bernard, Joan Waricha, Jane Stine, and Caroline Pitofsky will oversee production for Chernin Entertainment who work with Netflix under a wide-ranging overall deal.

What’s Fear Street: Prom Queen about?

Per Netflix, here’s the official synopsis for the new movie:

“Welcome back to Shadyside. In this next installment of the blood-soaked Fear Street franchise, prom season at Shadyside High is underway and the school’s wolfpack of It Girls is busy with its usual sweet and vicious campaigns for the crown. But when a gutsy outsider is unexpectedly nominated to the court, and the other girls start mysteriously disappearing, the class of ’88 is suddenly in for one hell of a prom night.”

R.L Stine’s Fear Street: The Prom Queen was the fifteenth installment of the Fear Street novels and was published by Simon Pulse on March 1st, 1992. It’s part of the vast array of books by the author, who is also known for Goosebumps. To date, there are over 150 Fear Street books in total.

The story is centered around Lizzie McVay, a student at Shadyside High School and one of five Prom Queen nominees. When a bloody and brutal of one of the nominees leads to more killings, Lizzy realizes that the killer is targeting the Prom Queen candidates, and she could be next on the list.

Fear Street: Prom Queen is a stand-alone feature that likely won’t feature characters from the Fear Street trilogy released on Netflix in 2021. The Fear Street trilogy took inspiration for its adaptation from multiple Fear Street novels, whereas Prom Queen is set to adapt one novel. However, given the sheer volume of Fear Street novels, there is a chance further inspiration could be drawn from the other books to add more story and horror to the film.

Fear Street Book Collection

Picture: R. L. Stine

Who’s in the cast of Fear Street: Prom Queen?

Cast Grid For Fear Street Prom Queen Netflix

In March 2024, Netflix confirmed the cast for the new movie, setting a big and, it must be said, young ensemble cast. Here’s who is starring:

  • India Fowler (The Nevers, Insomnia)
  • Suzanna Son (Red Rocket, The Idol)
  • Fina Strazza (Paper Girls, Above the Shadows)
  • David Iacono (The Summer I Turned Pretty, Cinnamon)
  • Ella Rubin (The Idea of You)
  • Chris Klein (Sweet Magnolias, American Pie)
  • Lili Taylor (Outer Range, Manhunt)
  • Katherine Waterston (The End We Start From, Perry Mason)

Where is Fear Street: Prom Queen in Production at Netflix?

Filming Scheduled
Filming Ongoing

In January 2024, we first heard from the Canadian Director’s Guild that pre-production on the movie had begun that month. That means filming will be fully underway this Spring in Toronto, and hopefully, we’ll soon hear more about the movie’s cast, director, and behind-the-scenes talent.

Production on the new movie got underway on March 25th, and filming wrapped on May 15th, 2024.

Per DGC, post-production on the new movie is due to take place through September 20th, which could mean we get the movie just in time for Halloween, or it may take a bit longer.

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