Is ‘Curb your Enthusiasm’ Streaming on Netflix?

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An increasing amount of people have been searching for Curb your Enthusiasm on Netflix. This may have something to do with Larry David increasingly popular because of his Bernie Sanders impression or the fact that rumours are still rampant of a ninth season of Curb coming to HBO at some point.

81 episodes of the show have been made and aired on HBO from 1999 all the way up to 2011. The golden globe winner stars Larry David and follows the comedian on his day to day adventures. It’s not too dissimilar to Seinfeld or Louie in that regard.

So is it streaming on Netflix? Well the answer is no and it’s for the same reason as to why Netflix doesn’t have other HBO content either whether it’s The Wire or Game of Thrones. It’s because Netflix doesn’t have a working relationship with HBO in any form regardless of region.

Now given that the show is on hiatus Netflix could be in the position to purchase the show and produce new seasons like they did with Arrested Development. Larry David however has stated that he’s not keen on producing any more season so of the show so that pretty much rules that option out.

For cord-cutters though there’s a silver lining not only does the HBO Go application have the show streaming Amazon Prime are in the game for HBO content too and some regions have it streaming there.

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