Is Dexter Leaving Netflix?

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Dexter is leaving Netflix in January 2018 but only for viewers in the United Kingdom. The United States will keep Dexter streaming for the foreseeable future but as we discuss below, it’s likely that it could be sooner rather than later.

Showtime’s stunning crime drama following Dexter Morgan as he lives a dual life was gripping from start to end. You saw the man live half of his life as a loving father and Miami PD blood spatter analyst and the other as a murdering psychopath where he follows a code set by his father to kill those who deserve it.

The series wrapped up in 2013 which is an important point as we’ll discuss in a second.

When is Dexter leaving Netflix UK?

Dexter is currently scheduled to leave Netflix UK on January 1st, 2018. This date is when you’ll see lots of TV series and movies leave Netflix as January 1st is typically when a lot of contracts come up for renewal with Netflix. You’ve had plenty of time to watch all eight seasons of Dexter on Netflix however, as the complete collection has been available for a couple of years now. As

Why is Dexter leaving Netflix?

As we’ve discussed previously here on What’s on Netflix, Netflix likes to keep its content fresh and most importantly, likes making good financial decisions. With a show like Dexter, most people who’d have wanted to see it have now seen it meaning they’d rather invest money in new content whether that be newer series from Showtime like Power or Shameless.

Will Dexter Leave Netflix US in the Future?

It’s more than likely that Dexter will, in fact, leave Netflix in the USA in the future. As we discussed above, all of the same rules apply to Netflix US too. We’ve seen older shows like Lost and MASH get pushed out in recent years often in favour of newer content.

Let us know if you’re disappointed Dexter is leaving Netflix and we’ll update this post once we know when it’ll eventually leave Netflix US too.

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